Restaurant Review: Crepe Amelie (Salcedo Village, Makati)

Crepe Amelie happens to be just a few cartwheels away from where I work. I had been passing by this restaurant every morning, but I only got to try it a few weeks ago with my fellow foodie office mates. I liked it so much that I decided to have a quick breakfast date with ze hubby the following week when we surprisingly arrived for work earlier than the usual. (You know you’re new parents with no permanent house help when you get to cherish spontaneous dates! In case you want to know, I was back in the office after 50 minutes. That already included walking to and from Crepe Amelie! Haha!)

Every corner of Crepe Amelie is Instagram-worthy. With its interiors mostly on different shades of brown, this cozy place reminds me of an old-fashioned cabin by the lake. The dim lighting and rustic details definitely add up to the picturesque appeal of Crepe Amelie. I imagine myself spending an entire day here reading a book while eating a plate of savory crepe and sipping a cup of hot coffee!

crepe amelie salcedo village (6)

crepe amelie salcedo village (5)

Crepe Amelie is such an eye-candy that I can’t help but check out every nook and cranny in my hopes that I can find some inspiration for our own house! I’m seriously loving the restaurant’s “unfinished” walls paired with the most random details just like these tin cans and mason jars…

crepe amelie salcedo village (4)

and this gigantic compass which accentuates the bare wall!

crepe amelie salcedo village (3)

Crepe Amelie takes serving crepes to a new level. They offer both sweet and savory crepes that are perfect to be devoured all throughout the day.

When Boyet and I went to Crepe Amelie for Breakfast, we could not stop gushing our ooohhh’s and ahhhh’s over Boyet’s choice of crepe – BLT & Egg! The usual crepe is topped with tons of crispy bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, egg cooked sunny-side up, crispy bacon and more crispy bacon!!!

crepe amelie salcedo village (8)
BLT & Egg PHP240

Crepe Amelie’s take on the traditional BLT sandwich was such a treat to our palates. Okay, here’s the deal. My husband does not like bacon. I only learned about it a few months after we got married when I prepared bacon for breakfast. Had I known about it, I wouldn’t have married him. Who on Earth with the right mind hates bacon? Haha! But he loved BLT & Egg! I saw him eating the bacon strips even after he finished everything else on his plate. (Sa sobrang dami ng bacon, ubos na ‘yung crepe, egg at veggies pero may bacon pa rin!) The bacon strips are not too salty and crisped to perfection. I would have wanted the egg yolk to be a little runny, though. I love it when the half-cooked yolk mixes with my food. Hihi.

On our breakfast date, I opted to have the Breakfast Quesadilla. Sandwiched in a crepe are mushrooms, bell peppers, bacon bits, onions and cheese.

crepe amelie salcedo village (7)
Breakfast Quesadilla PHP230

What made this crepe more enticing for me was the perfect blend of cheddar and mozzarella! That melts-in-your-mouth texture of the cheese complemented the sweet yet tangy flavors of the onions and bell peppers along with the subtle saltiness of the bacon bits. Too bad I didn’t like the beans on top of the crepe. It tastes like the canned pork and beans. There was just too much sweetness that it somehow overpowered all the amazing flavors of the crepe.

On one of my lunch dates with my teammates, I got to try Crepe Madame.

crepe amelie salcedo village
Crepe Madame PHP210

Crepe is topped with a generous serving of tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, cheese, slices of ham and poached egg. I loved the subtlety of the ham. It’s tasty but not overpoweringly salty. The soft and almost creamy texture of the poached egg perfectly contrasts the texture of all the other elements in this crepe. This crepe stood by its name – Ang lakas maka-MADAM e! :p

That same day, my office mates and I also shared a plate of Cheese Steak Omelette. This is part of their All-Day Breakfast menu where diners have the option to choose between crepe and toast.

crepe amelie salcedo village (1)
Cheese Steak Omelette PHP270

This plate has all the components of a cheese steak omelette – steak, mozzarella cheese, onions and bell peppers. I loved that the meat is really tender. Don’t you hate it when you keep on spitting out rubbery meat all throughout your meal? The mozzarella cheese also went perfectly well with the sweetness of the bell peppers and caramelized onions.

Crepe Amelie serves a variety of dessert crepes. One of my teammates, Sheen, treated us to this sweet delight! I forgot the name of this beauty. (Sorry, sa sobrang sarap, literal na nakalimutan ko ang pangalan niya!)

crepe amelie salcedo village (2)

Peanut butter is sandwiched between layers of crepe and then topped with blueberry jam. Each bite of this crepe was such a treat to my taste buds. I bet this will go well with coffee or milkshake, both of which are also being served in Crepe Amelie.

Crepe Amelie also offers sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes. I was able to try their Shrimp Aglio Olio and Basil Pesto Chicken. Both are okay, although I would still put my money on their crepes. :)

Crepe Amelie
Ground Level Antel 2000 Corporate Center
Valero Street, Salcedo Village,
Makati City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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  1. Naglaway ako. There are very few crepe places where I live, kung meron man, napaka mahal pa. The mille crepe cake looks so good!!!

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