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I have long accepted the fact that Je’s Anatomy is no longer a food blog. I also noticed that my blog’s traffic goes wild when I post anything related to Zayne. Suffice to say, my site has turned into Zayne’s Anatomy, and my old followers converted into being Zayne’s fan club. Hahaha! I am not complaining at all. Although I no longer have a lot of time in my hands, I still manage to find joy in blogging about my Little Kolokoy. I can’t blame you, people. I know that you would rather see this cutie patootie over my face and my horrible food shots! :p


I am quite amazed at how my life was completely transformed ever since I became a mother. My husband and I still go on food trips once in a while, but it looks like my daughter is trying to dethrone me as your resident food blogger! Hahaha!

My daughter showed readiness to eat solid foods as early as four months. She was already doing lots of chewing motion, and she was grabbing food and utensils. And her eyes! Oh, my God! Her eyes follow wherever the food goes! It took me a lot of patience to stick to my plan of not giving her anything by mouth except breastmilk on her first six months. My energy also got drained convincing the “oldies” around me that it is still better to delay water and solid intake. But I guess Zayne had the bigger sacrifice. It takes a great deal of willpower to resist food after all! That’s why when she turned six months old, I tried introducing solid foods to her.

Her first food – BANANA! She didn’t like it at first. She was probably saying, “Ahhmm… It’s too mushy for my very young taste buds!” :p


I strictly followed the three-day rule so her palates could get used to whatever she’s eating and to check for possible allergies. After three days of eating nothing but banana, I let her try avocado. I was 100% sure that she would hate the avocados that I gave her. I anticipated that she’d throw it up in the air, but she loved it! I guess my little food blogger has a knack in appreciating different kinds of flavors.

Look at her face. It’s as if she’s saying, “Mmmmmmm! That hint of sweetness complements the bitter aftertaste!” Hahahaha! :p


She then had apples, carrots and sayote. Here she is, checking out the texture of the boiled carrots! To be a successful food blogger, you need to pay attention with how the food appeals to all of your senses! :p


Zayne didn’t like sweet potato at first. She got used to having pureed foods so the introduction of something starchy probably surprised her. But I told her that foodies need to have adventurous palates. Plus, some things really deserve second chances. (But when she grows up, I’ll tell her that cheating bastards must rot in hell and should not be given second chances. Haha!) She gave sweet potato a second chance, and she loved it! She loved it so much that she shared it with her neck, her arms, her legs and MY ears! Hahahaha!

Okay, I give up. I’m “training” her into becoming an effective food blogger, but it looks like she does not need any mentoring at all. Look at her!

She poses for the camera better than I do! 

My awkward smile has nothing to say with her kunwari-stolen-shot pose.

She looks good even after going into a food coma!

Hey, followers, K.Tnx.Bye.

Your resident food blogger is now signing off! 

Hahahahahaha! :p

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  1. She's adorable!!! Magiging magaling na food blogger yan, mahilig pala sa iba't ibang lasa at timpla, hehe. :)


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