Zayne's Third Month

Zayne turned three months old on February 8! Given that it fell on a Philippine holiday (Chinese New Year), we skipped the usual food takeout. I had the luxury to cook carbonara for her celebration. And of course, we had her Ninang Joie’s cake! Joie grew tired of baking chocolate cakes so she asked me if I wanted to try her carrot cake. I was so glad that I said yes! I know that I already sound like a broken record, but the cakes (and other sweet treats) from My Sweets’ Haven taste divine! I even told Joie that it was her best “creation” so far! Hahahaha! Zayne’s OOTD was a gift from her Ninang Abby. Her headband was also a gift from her Doc Ninang Louisa. (Zayne has the perfect set of ninangs!!! :p)

It is public knowledge that my husband and I battled infertility for four years. And so now that we finally have Zayne, there are times when I look at her and I still try to convince myself that I really have a baby. Although I initially felt that I was fully equipped with the knowledge that I needed to face motherhood, things changed drastically the moment I first held Zayne. Suffice to say, I became a clueless neophyte mother. But I guess God knows what we really need in our lives. He knew that I wanted to enjoy motherhood after waiting for so long to have a baby so he made sure to make the ride a little more bearable for me. Although there are some hiccups, my breastfeeding journey is relatively pleasing. My milk supply is more than enough for Zayne that she even gets to share it with two other babies. And I would like to believe what her Ninang Aubrey said - that Zayne is a “low maintenance” baby. She already sleeps through the night right after she turned two months old. She’s very playful and lively, but she’s relatively quiet when she’s with a large crowd. She only cries when she’s hungry, which rarely happens because I am proactive in feeding her. She doesn’t cry during bath time. She actually enjoys taking a bath! (Buti hindi nagmana sa tatay! :p) She does not cry when she wakes up in the morning. There were instances when she woke up ahead of us, and we just found her quietly playing with her hands in her crib. She smiles at the things that we give to her – a book, a toy, TV time and even simple hugs and kisses. She only wails when she gets interrupted in her sleep! =)) (Manang-mana sa nanay! :p)

She talks a lot.

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She smiles a lot. She laughs a lot. When we want to make her smile or laugh, the best thing to do to is to tell her that she’s pretty! :p

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She already has her earrings because her Nanay and Tatay grew tired of people asking, “Girl or boy?” =))

She also loves Dr. Seuss’s Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? I know that it’s never too early to learn, but I don’t force her to like books. I just make her feel that I am an available “resource” for learning. I know that I am a new mother, and I am not yet an authority when it comes to homeschooling. But I know how it feels to be forced to do well in school that’s why I want my daughter to feel that learning can be an enjoyable experience. The last thing on my mind is to end up being a tiger mom raising an unhappy child. I first tried to read her Dr. Seuss’s books. She didn’t like it at first. (Maybe because all she wanted at that time was my milk! :p) I took a break. It was some sort of a trial and error until I discovered that she loves Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? Because of this, I also discovered that she loves playing animal sounds. The sound of the cat is her favorite!

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I know that it’s a big clichΓ©, but time really flies so fast when you have kids. Every single day, I do a mental note of the things that I am supposed to do. “I will clean the house… I will cook dinner… Ok, I can probably squeeze in some time to blog…” I want to accomplish more chores, but how can I resist when Zayne looks at me and “begs” me to spend more time with her? Zayne wins. She ALWAYS does. The day will probably come when she would be annoyed by my mere presence. So for now, I’ll just enjoy every single minute that she clings on to me. =)


  1. Kayo na ang bagong #TeamClingy :P Can't wait to see the three of you wear the red chucks :)

  2. I'm not sure if I've already told you this, pero tol - YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOTHER! And I am so proud of how Zayne's turning out to be. And yes, ang bait bait ni Zayne kasi napaka low maintenance. :) Akala ko low maintenance na anak ko eh, pero nainggit ako sa mahabang tulog ni Zayne sa gabi. :) Happy 3rd month baby girl!!! Ninang loves you so much.


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