Zayne's Fourth Month

Zayne turned four months old on March 8. Just like the previous months, we had a simple dinner celebration at home. My husband and I agreed that we would not be splurging on her monthly celebrations. That’s why aside from the usual cake made with love by her Ninang Joie, we just enjoyed a bucket of Jollibee Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti for dinner. We actually just paid for the two orders of spaghetti because we used a voucher, the ones we get from using BPI credit card, to purchase the bucket of Chickenjoy! Plus, her monthly cakes are semi-sponsored by My Sweets’ Haven. I’m such a kuripot Nanay! :p

I already sound like a broken record, but Joie’s cakes are really delicious! I thought it was just a simple chocolate cake, but it turned out to be more than what I expected. It’s thick, moist and fudgy! I brought some in the office, and it was a hit! It’s topped with chewy chocolate candies that looked like pebbles so the first thing that Papa said when he opened the box of cake was, “Galing ba ng Boracay si Joie?” Bwahahahaha!

Her fourth month birthday fell on a Tuesday that’s why I was so anxious to go home earlier. As soon as I got home, I got Zayne all dressed up for her mandatory monthly picture-taking. Her Ninang Aubrey graced our celebration with her presence. Haha! Boyet was out to get dinner which meant that making Zayne smile for the picture-taking fell solely on Aubrey’s hands! :p Kaya ayun, puro fierce pose ang lumabas! :p


With her in the photos above is Sophie the Giraffe. She adores her! She loves to drown Sophie with her saliva! Hihihi!

Anyway, I got her onesie from SM. I bought it while she was still in my tummy. The headband she was wearing was something I made for her while I was still pregnant with her. (Naks, dumi-DIY ang lola niyo! :p) She used to hate wearing headbands, but I think she has finally come to terms with it. =)


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Her willingness to wear headbands is just one of her many milestones. As soon as she turned three months old, she already responds when we call her by her name. Mababali talaga ang leeg niya para lang lumingon. She likes rubbing her feet together, aside from her growing fascination with her hands! She also learned the walang kamatayang CLOSE-OPEN trick! Para akong nanalo sa lotto when she started doing it. Her foul mood goes away when we play the mirror game. She usually hates it when she is interrupted in her sleep. The best thing to do when she is about to cry is to put her in front of the mirror! Hahaha! Dakilang GGSS talaga! :p She also loves playing peek-a-boo. Siyempre sa mga Pinoy, Eat Bulaga ‘yun! :p She has also mastered the art of doing buntung-hininga-with-matching-bagsak-ng-balikat just like how her Nanay does it. I first saw it after she finished nursing for almost two hours. Dumede na nga lang, akala mo hirap na hirap sa buhay! Nakakapagod nga naman talaga siguro. :p

She got a first taste of attending a children’s party. We joined her Ate Skye as she turned two years old. It was her first time to see Jollibee and that kind of  a large crowd. Ako rin, first time ko rin sa party na ganoon karami ang bata! Bwahaha! :p

Zayne with Ninang Joie

Zayne: Bakit pinagkakaguluhan nila ang matabang bubuyog na ‘yun?

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I had to put away all of her pajamas and some of her dresses because she no longer fits into clothes that are size 0-3 months. She now wears clothes size 3-6 months, but she already fits into some dresses size 6-9 months, just like in the photo below. She’s growing up way too fast!

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She continues to be a low maintenance baby. I mentioned in another post that she started sleeping through the night when she turned two months old. I think she inherited my sleeping patterns. MASA din e – masandal, tulog! :p

She loves sleeping in her nursing pillow

She sleeps after a satisfying meal! #milkdrunk
(Pinagsabihan ko na siya, guys. Sabi ko DRINK MODERATELY! Lasing na naman e! :p)

She even falls asleep in her carrier!

When she’s not sleeping, she’s definitely talking! She talks non-stop! It looks like she’s butting in when adults around her are talking. Plus, it feels like we’re having normal conversations with her!


She may grow up to be a TV host or a newscaster, but I will not be surprised if she ends up being a drama actress. She is a drama queen in the making! I posted this 15-second video on Instagram...

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But this is the entire video. Notice how she was able to shift from one emotion to another! =))

But who knows? She might turn out to be an athlete. She is one ball of energy! She is so active even in her sleep!

I am actually surprised that though people say that she looks a lot like me, a lot of her Tatay’s traits are slowly manifesting in her. Just like this one time while we were using the breastfeeding station of a mall. She was very chill! And then, a baby came in and started to cry! I thought she was going to cry, too. But she woke up, turned to the baby, and she started giggling and talking! Chill na chill lang siya! I was so proud of her that I had to snap a photo.


A huge part of me wants to freeze the time so she can be this tiny forever. But a part of me can’t wait to discover more from her! She added more tricks on her resume just a few days after she turned four months old! I guess I’ll just take one step at a time and cherish every second of being a mother to this Little Kolokoy.


  1. Tuwang tuwa ako sa mga video ng bagets eh! Grabe sa cute ng Zayne na yan. :) Tska pwede ba Nanay? Ang cute nga ng fierce pose nya. Wag kang ano. :) More more laway videos pleaaaaaasee! I love you #ZayneBaby! Mwah!

  2. Si Zayne na ang bagong bida dito hahaha Pero nakakatuwa kapag may bagong post about her. Konting months na lang ba eh, maisusuot nyo na yung red chucks :)

    Zayne, please always make mommy happy ha :)

    PS thank you sa pag-appreciate ng IG ko haha

  3. Ang pretty ni Zayne! Mana kay Mommy. At ang bilis lumaki kaya treasure every moment, sis. :)

  4. Fierce pose! Ang cute cute nya!


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