Even before I met my soul mate, I had been praying something very specific – “Lord, please bless me with healthy and smart kids with kind and happy hearts.” That is why when infertility struck us, I became even more fervent in praying. When I finally got pregnant after four years of waiting, something bothered me big time! People close to me can attest that my personality belongs to both ends of the spectrum. I can be a petite ball of sunshine radiating with optimism, but I am also naturally GRUMPY! Hahaha. I had to emphasize that word because I became grumpier when I was pregnant. It may be the hormones or the fact that my first trimester fell on a summer so those two things alone made me really cranky. My patience was always at the lowest setting. I didn’t have the energy to entertain stupid questions so I usually responded with sarcasm. I hated people who wasted my time. I think the more appropriate way to say it is – I HATED PEOPLE. Period. Hahahaha! This concerned me a lot. I told Aubrey that I’m worried that Zayne would absorb all the negative energies, and that I would end up having a grumpy baby. Say, buh-bye to a baby with a happy heart! But Aubrey assured me that I could be as grumpy as I could be! First, I have the license to be one. Siraulo lang daw ang papatol sa buntis! :p And second, I actually needed to release all my crankiness so that Zayne would end up a happy baby! I don’t think there is a scientific basis for that, basta dapat daw, huwag kong kimkimin ang inis ko para daw hindi mapunta ang sungit kay Zayne! Bwahahahaha!!!

When Zayne was born, one of the very first things that my husband noticed was her eyebrows. He said, “Yari! Mukhang nakuha ang taray mo!” I thought of two things. First, kinulang yata ako sa dasal. And second, I guess I will never be able to use #HappyBaby on Instagram! :p

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This is one of the first photos of Zayne. You cannot deny that she is indeed my daughter. Bungisngis then simangot in just a span of 3 seconds! :p

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My camera was always ready to capture her smile. But most of the time, I ended up getting wacky shots. And then this happened...

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My heart melted! And it somehow gave me hope that Zayne is not a grumpy baby. Hahaha! Most of her photos are still wacky, but at least I was already capturing her smile.

Papa would always tease her that her smile is very expensive. But at the rare times that she gives out her smile, she makes sure to give it all! And the more important thing is - she is not a cry baby. Hindi bungisngis, pero hindi iyakin. Chill. NR. Sabi ni Boyet, “Halaman ‘yang anak mo, parang ikaw!”

But on Easter Sunday, Zayne decided to end my long break on a high note. Boyet was out doing some errands that’s why he was very jealous when I showed him these.


And then the play button of my phone wanted to give up as we both watched these videos over and over again!

You’re probably asking what made her laugh. I mentioned in another post that she loves to play the mirror game. She just woke up so she had all the intentions in giving out a big cry. I placed her in front of the mirror, and then she started smiling. I wanted to record it, but she stopped smiling. I then tried to take a selfie, she saw herself on my phone, and that was when she started giggling! Hahahahaha!

I want to end this post by thanking those people who kept up with me while I was pregnant with Zayne. Salamat at hindi niyo ako pinatulan! Hahaha! Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for allowing me to be grumpy (grumpier than the usual). You deserve a pat on the back because you contributed in adding one happy baby on this planet! :p


  1. See??! Told you! Ilabas ang grumpiness para di mapunta sa baby. Ang cute cute ni Zayne!!!!!!!! Miss ko na yang bungisngis daldal na yan..

  2. True ung kapag nakikita nila sarili nila sa phone nag ssmile sila! Trick ko din yan sa twins ko! Magkamukhang magkamukha kayo! Super cute!

  3. I haven't visited your blog for quite a while! and today I spent reading those I missed..ang dame na!! :) This one reminds me of my 6-month old son who often smiles but rarely laugh. I would habitually share it to my colleagues that people have to intentionally make our baby laugh and it will be a LOT of work. Hehe. But never mind, every baby is different and unique and they will prosper in that area in their own time. All the best to the Kolokoy Family! :)


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