Restaurant Review: Wingstop at Eastwood City Walk 2

I happened to spend the last few hours of being a 30-year-old pig doing what I love to do – eating! My 31st birthday fell on a Monday, so my husband and I spent my birthday eve by hearing mass, going on a staycation and eating non-stop! We were in the Eastwood area so we decided to check out the restaurants there. My first job was actually in an anti-virus company in Libis. But my stint only lasted for just three months as I had to quit due to health reasons. Coming back after a decade, I was so surprised that I didn’t recognize a single thing in Eastwood except for the infamous McDonald’s. Parang first time ko lang! That probably shows how boring my life was back then. Pasok ng gabi, uwi agad sa umaga. Haha!

Anyway, we had lunch at Sambo Kojin where I was entitled to a free lunch buffet. Nakatipid ang asawa ko! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to blog about it because I failed to take decent photos of our dining experience. It was a Sunday so the place was undeniably busy. I didn’t want to be the asshole who caused traffic in the buffet tables. Hihi! :p By dinner time, the pig in me suddenly craved for chicken wings. Ok, I don’t know if I instantaneously craved for chicken wings, or seeing Wingstop made me crave for chicken wings. Haha.

I remember seeing Wingstop in other locations, but I never really had the chance to try it out. My husband was initially reluctant to give it a try, but he had no other choice but to give in to the birthday girl’s pig’s wish. The restaurant’s interior is very simple, no frills and nothing fancy. The plain-colored tables, chairs and hanging lamps somehow translate to a stylish industrial vibe.

Before I tell you about the food, let me first share with you a side story. As soon as we placed our orders, the cashier handed us this. I first encountered this when I went to the US in 2010. Amazed na amazed ako at that time. Pero siyempre ngayon, alam ko na kung para saan siya. E kaso etong asawa ko, isang malaking epal…

I was waiting for the device to “buzz” when the waiter called Boyet’s name. The waiter then went to our table to set the disposable mats and serve our food. I whispered to Boyet asking him if he heard or even felt the “buzz”. I was thinking that we probably missed it that’s why the waiter called us. I didn’t want them to have the impression that we ignored it because we’re too lazy to get our food. So my husband asked the waiter if the device was working. The waiter confirmed and said, “Sir, kasi po, kapag wala naman pong masyadong tao, kami na po ang lumalapit sa customer.” Eto na ang magaling kong asawa. Sabi ba naman, “Brod, i-buzz mo nga ‘to. Hindi kasi siya mapakali. Pagbigyan mo na, birthday naman niya e!” 

Nyemas! =))

Now, let’s talk about the food! I was just very happy that I spent the last few hours of my birthday eve devouring on two of my favorite food – chicken wings and fries! I forgot to take note of the prices. So for the benefit of this post, I just grabbed the published prices from Anyway, I was totally convinced that I would be getting their classic chicken wings despite my husband's threat that he would not help me in finishing my meal. I still ordered their 5-pc chicken wings!

Wingstop, chicken wings 5 pcs. Chicken Wings (1 flavor) PHP235.00

Avid readers of this blog already know how much I love anything spicy. But because it was my first time in Wingstop and I didn't know the gauge of how spicy it would be, I decided to try out the MILD flavor. It’s simply buffalo wings with a toned down level of spiciness. I happened to finish everything, even up to the point of licking every piece up to the bones. I love the subtlety of its flavors, although I have to say that my tolerance for spicy food is really high so this one is a bit too mild for my liking. I will definitely come back to try their ORIGINAL HOT! Anyway, I paired it with my favorite blue cheese dip, which for me is the perfect dip for buffalo wings. (I can now see my two best friends, Joie and Aubrey, raising their eyebrows and thinking how weird I really am for liking blue cheese! Hahaha!)

I skipped rice that night when I noticed that they serve fries. Wingstop uses Idaho potatoes for their fries. The potatoes are cut fresh in large chunks. If I remember it correctly, I opted to have the garlic parmesan flavor for my fries. The fries taste really fresh and are cooked to perfection. I failed to finish a quarter of it so I had no other choice but to take it back to the hotel. I was expecting the fries to be all soggy, but the quality didn't really change that much when I ate it a couple of hours after. =)

Wingstop, Garlic Parmesan Fries Garlic Parmesan Fries PHP100

My husband tried one of Wingstop’s combo meals. He had 2 pieces of chicken tenders served with chipotle rice. He opted to have the BBQ dip to go with his meal. The chicken and BBQ dip combination is undeniably good. But in my opinion, what really stole the spotlight was the chipotle rice. Ang sarap e! I initially thought that the chicken tenders would not be enough for my husband’s big appetite. But I guess the BBQ dip made every bite of the chicken more flavorful so the two pieces were more than enough for him. Don’t worry, guys. I offered a piece of my chicken to my husband. He gladly accepted it along with a few pieces of fries which I forced him to try, too. Haha!

Wingstop Tenders Combo PHP195

Eastwood City Walk 2
G/F Eastwood City Walk 2
Bagumbayan, Quezon City

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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  1. I tried their Original Hot Chicken Wings hindi din masyadong spicy. I love their bleu cheese dip! Isang tawid mu lang from here office na namin :)

  2. Gusto ko nyan! Mahilig ako sa wings. Pero hindi mataas ang tolerance ko sa spicy food. Doon ako lagi sa mild spicy lang. Yung brother ko at yung mom ko ayaw nila ng wings kasi nakakapangit daw ng sulat, hahaha. Ang ganda kaya ng sulat ko (dati). :)


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