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One fateful day a couple of weeks ago, the fast food chain that I used to frequent for coffee told me and my friend, Abby, that we needed to wait 30 minutes for our coffee. Searching for the quickest caffeine fix, we decided to check out 711. Much to our surprise, they offer cheaper coffee which suits our senses better. My friend and I talked about what we usually do with our “old” coffee. She actually throws away half of it and put more water in the remaining half. I usually share half of my coffee either with my husband or my father. But on the very rare times that they are not around, I have no other choice but to drink the entire cup and endure the hours of palpitations. Hahaha! Ever since we discovered the coffee from 711, we literally have it every single day, and surprisingly, minus the palpitations! Haha! So imagine my surprise when I got an invite to attend the Bloggers’ Launch of City Blends by 7-Eleven!

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The hosts of the program took us down to memory lane and reminded us about how 711 evolved from merely serving Hot Cup (coffee sachets) in 2000 to offering City Blends. City Blends by 7-Eleven was launched last January. It’s now being served in 258 stores in Metro Manila. The plan is for it to be rolled out to 700 stores by the end of the year. City Blends boasts of serving coffee made from 100% Arabica beans that are freshly ground in front of the customers. And as I mentioned earlier, their coffee is very affordable. The smallest cup (8oz) only costs PHP20! My default order, as well as Abby’s, is medium-sized (12oz) French Vanilla which only costs PHP29! My other friend, Mitch, always gets a large (16oz) cup of French Vanilla. We’re like the Sisterhood of the Traveling French Vanilla!!!

Aside from brewed coffee and my favorite, French Vanilla, City Blends also offers other flavors such as Mochaccino and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate. Other than introducing the brand, the event also aimed to highlight the launch of their Valentine’s Day promo. From February 11 to 24, 2015, City Blends will give the customers the chance to express themselves through the City Blends Honest Cups. For only PHP20, coffee lovers can choose from the limited edition 8oz Honest Cups.

city blends, 711, 7-eleven, coffee
You can either profess your love to your significant other through their TAKEN cup or burst out all your hidden bitterness with their SINGLE and IT’S COMPLICATED cups! I remember one of the hosts saying that they decided to use white for their SINGLE cups because the single ones need more space for all of their Valentine hugot quotes. Hugot pa more! Haha! :p

city blends, 711, 7-eleven, coffee
To make your coffee drinking experience more fun, post your cups on social media using the hashtags #711CityBlends and #Honestly. Well, here’s mine! Nyahaha!

Of course, 7-Eleven encourages their customers to HONESTLY express themselves through these Honest Cups. But this is a free country so you have all the right to make fun of yourselves or this entire Valentine’s Day craziness. I was supposed to write TAKEN by STORM or TAKEN by SURPRISE, kaso ang waley ng punchline! :p

So get your coffee fix from City Blends by 7-Eleven and join the fun!


  1. Hay sayang saka ko lang sana masasabi sa buong mundo na taken na ko! Ha Ha Ha

  2. I love French Vanilla too!!! I remember a couple of years back they offer that already kaso nawala. Glad that it's back, and it seems like, with a vengeance too. Excited ako sa honest cups na yan ah!! Bibili ako ng taken at single! Bwahahaha!


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