Kolokoy Household: Episode 58

Happy New Year, guys! I hope you all had a great holiday break. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and most of us are now back on the daily grind. So in my attempt to ease your stress on the first working day of the year, here’s the first Kolokoy Household post of 2015!


As soon as I got home from work one night, Mama excitedly told me that somebody gave her maja blanca. She knows that it’s my favorite, which explains her excitement.

Mama: Uy! May MAJA BLANCO sa ref?!
Me: O e kaanu-ano ni JACKIE LOU ‘yun?
Mama: Ahhmmm… Kapatid?!
Me: Bwahahahaha!


Days before Christmas, I asked Boyet what he would like to receive from me. I gave him a pair of Air Jordan for his birthday last November, so I specifically asked him to exclude shoes from the equation.

Me: Baby, ano bang gusto mong gift sa Pasko? Huwag lang sapatos ha.
Boyet: Hmmm. Wala.
Me: Wow! Talaga? Ok lang na wala?
Boyet: Wala. Kasi sapatos lang talaga ang gusto ko.
Me: @_@


Last Christmas, I saw some of my cousins who undeniably grew taller in just a span of one year. I was so shocked to see my fifteen-year-old cousin who probably doubled in height!

Papa: E malaki din naman kasi ang Papa niya. Saka malamang, nag-ba-basketball din ‘yun gaya ng Papa niya.
Boyet: E bakit naman ako, Pa? Wala akong ginawa noong bata kundi mag-basketball pero 5’4” lang ako?
Papa: O kita mo? Kung hindi ka nag-basketball, 4’8” ka lang!
Me: Bwahahahahaha!


There are a lot of New Year predictions going around the internet. A couple of days before New Year, I had this conversation with Boyet.

Me: Wow! Sabi sa sign ko swerte daw ako sa business. Pero iwasan ko daw mag-travel.
Boyet: Sus! Hindi naman tayo naniniwala diyan e.
Me: Oo nga. Pero sabi dito, MAG-INGAT DAW SA THIRD PARTY!
Boyet: E ‘di mas lalong mali ‘yang hulang ‘yan!
Me: Mag-ingat sa third party ha! Subukan mo lang, Boyet!
Boyet: Oo na sige na! Sa 2015, dalawang party lang ang a-attend-an ko!
Me: Bwahahahaha!


dream-dad-3Image taken from philstar.com

Mama and I love watching Dream Dad. Jana Agoncillo, the child actress who plays the role of Baby, is such a darling! Boyet has no other choice but to watch it, too. Imagine how horrible it is for me when he learned the Wink Wink Milk jingle. Parang sirang plaka! One night while he was pouring hot water to a cup to prepare tea, he started singing it again.

Boyet: Malusog masaya matalino, ito ang batang panalo!
Me: Here we go again!
Boyet (with matching kembot at sayaw): Winner sa sarap, winner sa pangarap, mapapakindat sa sobrang… ARAY! ANG INIT!
Me: O sige! Kanta pa more!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. Wahahahahhaahaa.. benta sa kin si Wink Milk jingle! I can just imagine your husband. E matigas katawan nyan ah. Hahaha :D

    Happy New Year!!! :)


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