Restaurant Review: Early Bird Breakfast Club at The Fort Strip

I promised my husband that I’d bring him to Seoul Express. So one Saturday afternoon after our medical appointment in St. Luke’s BGC, I excitedly dragged him to The Fort Strip only to find out that the restaurant does not operate on weekends. Not wanting to go anywhere else, I suggested we go try Early Bird Breakfast Club. I had been meaning to give it a try, but the place is always full in all of my attempts. Fortunately, the restaurant is more settled during our visit. By the way, just like Seoul Express, Pasta Roni and 100 Miles Cafe, Early Bird Breakfast Club is also included in the 10 Underrated Restaurants in Bonifacio Global City list by!

I was quite sad when we went to EBBC. But the vibrant colors that welcomed us uplifted my mood a bit. It’s amazing how the high ceiling, the chevron patterns on the wall and the egg that lights up made me smile as soon as I entered the restaurant.

Early Bird Breakfast Club, The Fort Strip, BGC Nakita niyo ‘yung umiilaw na itlog sa wall?

My husband and I seated on a couch facing each other with a small table between us. I totally forgot to take a photo of it probably because I got too comfy. That or the fact na kinilig ako sa setup! As soon as we were seated, the waitress handed us their menu. And I have to say that their menu not only mesmerized me, but it reminded me so much of our wedding invitation, which I personally designed! E ‘di lalo akong kinilig! :p

Early Bird Breakfast Club, The Fort Strip, BGC
The restaurant’s menu written on a newspaper is such a brilliant idea! It goes really well with the idea of the restaurant giving their guests the complete “breakfast experience” all throughout the day. I know that most of us check our phones and tablets first thing in the morning, but nothing beats having breakfast while reading the newspaper. =)

Because Early Bird Breakfast Club aims to provide their guests beautiful and enjoyable breakfast experiences all throughout the day, it didn’t take us long to choose what to have in the middle of the afternoon. Aside from the traditional breakfast choices, they also have rice meals for those who are craving for heavy breakfast, or lunch in our case. My husband and I could not choose between Adobo Sunrise and Sunny Salpicao so we decided to get both for us to share.

I have been reading a lot of raves with EBBC’s Adobo Sunrise. When I found out that it costs PHP325, I told myself, “This is one helluva pricey adobo!” Well, it is for a reason. Look. At. This.

Early Bird Breakfast Club, The Fort Strip, BGC Adobo Sunrise PHP325

I only had my handy camera phone with me so I don’t think the photo above can bring justice to my claim. But believe me that the serving is very generous. The chef who prepared this is probably the Santa Claus of Adobo, and he figured that I have been nice all my life so I deserve something as big as this. Haha!

I loved that despite its modern approach, the dish still has that authentic flavors of our traditional adobo. The salty-sour balance is just perfect. Would you believe that I took home half of the adobo flakes? And my mom brilliantly made fried adobo rice out of our leftovers! Grabe, ang sarap pa rin! =)

The Sunny Salpicao has tender pieces of chicken breast sautéed with button mushrooms. Served with rice and egg, this dish will surely turn your gloomy day into a sunny one. One must never underestimate these little ones because each tiny piece of chicken is packed with so many flavors.

Early Bird Breakfast Club, The Fort Strip, BGC Sunny Salpicao PHP345

I was already set to leave, but my husband insisted that we stay a bit longer. He asked for the menu once again. I thought he was getting coffee, but I was so surprised when he suggested that we get tea instead! I love drinking teas. My husband, on the other hand, hates it even if I kept on convincing him to drink tea because it’s good for the health.

DSC_2898 Italian Almond Tea PHP100

We got to try the Italian Almond Tea by Dilmah. Oh my God! It’s so good! I love the refreshing aroma and the subtle nutty flavor of the tea. Even my husband fell in love with it. He loved it so much that he even asked for the tea pot to be refilled with hot water.

image-b6f75ff5edab882dc7ce37305e87545349e223d36c3cb2c1d7e825ba65fd97ce-V Definitely not the classiest way to drink tea :p

I think my husband really wanted to cheer me up that day. Aside from having tea with me, he also suggested that we have some desserts! I have been discouraged by my doctor to eat too much sweets, and my husband has been helping me control my cravings. But I guess my husband saw that my heart needed its much deserved sugar fix that day. Haha! :p

My curiosity was piqued when I saw S’mores in a Jar on their menu. I love s’mores! I remember really enjoying making s’mores by the bonfire in the middle of a cold night when I stayed in the US. So imagine my excitement when I saw this!

Early Bird Breakfast Club, The Fort Strip, BGC, s'mores in a jar S’mores in a Jar PHP275

The menu describes it as “delicious dessert of toasted marshmallows in a chocolatey biscuit base. Baked with chocolate truffles in the center for an even more moist and delectable treat.” With marshmallows, chocolates, biscuits and truffles, what more can you ask for?

Every scoop from this jar is heavenly good! The top part is perfectly torched so you’ll definitely get that chewy texture of the marshmallow. I’m actually smiling while writing this post as I think about this dessert! Haha!

Early Bird Breakfast Club
The Fort Strip
26th Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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  1. uy uy.. bago ba yan? lagi naman ako sa BGC pag nasa pinas ako pero bakit di ko alam yan.. haha. anyway, that adobo sunrise looks really yummy. yan ang kelangan ko matikman pag uwi ko!

  2. ay hindi ko alam kung pumasok comment ko hahaha.. pero sabi ko lang mukang masarap yang adobo sunrise heheh.. :)

  3. will do. next time before ako uwing pinas daan muna ako dito sa blog mo.. ahhahaha

  4. I love the chevron patterns on the wall! Dati may binili akong shirt dahil lang sa chevron print nya. Haha.

    Okay yung Adobo Sunrise ah, parang mountain of adobo, ang cute ng presentation. I'll take a mental note of this dish baka magawi kami ng The Fort Strip at maaya ko asawa ko kumain dyan. :)

  5. I've been dying to try it too. So much raves! Balik kayo. Sama nyo kami! :)


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