Helmet Diving in Boracay

The speedboat we used for parasailing brought us back to their station. We then transferred to another boat which brought us to the helmet diving spot. There were a lot of tourists when we arrived. That made me wonder how crowded it could get during peak season!

A guy then started to brief us on what to expect during our helmet diving experience. The one who oriented us was really funny! I cracked up when he said, “Hinay hinay sa pagpapakain ng tinapay, ‘yung ibang divers kasi namin, mukha ring galunggong!” Bwahahaha! But the most important part of the briefing was telling us about the safety precautions. Since all of us could not talk underwater, he showed us the important hand signals that we had to remember – OK, not OK, going UP. He also taught us some tricks as to what we should do in case we feel too much pressure on our ears. He also told us during the orientation that the helmet (which is attached to a tank to aid us in breathing naturally underwater) weighs 25 kilograms! But he assured us that it’s just approximately 2-3 kilograms underwater. According to him, the key is to descend right away as soon as we have the helmet on our heads. He ended his briefing by reminding us that the most important thing is to always pay attention to our diver guide.

helmet diving, Boracay
After the orientation, we were immediately escorted to the diving area. We had to descend in a ladder. One man put the helmet, while the diver was escorting us during the descent. Believe it or not, it was hard for me! When I reached the last step of the ladder, it took me a while to reach the floor. The diver was holding me, trying so hard to make me step on the floor. Nabigatan yata sa bilbil ko si Kuya! Haha!

As soon as the four of us were underwater, our guide then started taking pictures. This 15-minute experience cost us PHP350/head. This already includes a soft copy of all our photos and videos. When I was checking the file given to us, I could not stop laughing! I didn’t know that the diver was also taking videos. So in some of our shots, we were all trying to smile like crazy people! Alam mo ‘yung mag-smile ka kasi akala mo picture-an tapos video pala! There was even one time that I was making the peace sign! =))

helmet diving, Boracay
helmet diving, Boracay
helmet diving, Boracay
I wasn’t really that keen in trying out helmet diving. Ever since I came back from Coron, I somehow lost my interest in doing water activities. My theories behind this are: 1) I got tired after spending the entire day in water, and 2) the marine life in Coron is just breathtaking. Coron, specifically the Coral Garden, blew me away. It just set the standards too high. But I am just so glad that I got to try helmet diving in Boracay. I realized that snorkeling is different because you somehow only get the bird’s eye perspective of the beauty of marine life. But helmet diving gave me a different view of this beauty. I was closer, face-to-face with the fishes. Plus, it’s not that tiring as compared with snorkeling wherein you have to swim non-stop and be mindful of how you breathe. Hehe!

helmet diving, Boracay
helmet diving, Boracay Bigat na bigat lang?!

helmet diving, BoracayJeff: Extra rice pa! =))

helmet diving, Boracay  Wow naman, tsong! Ang laki laki ng dagat, talagang sa harap ka pa namin tumambay?! #photobomb :p

Tourists also have the choice to take off their helmets and kiss their significant other underwater! We were not game enough to try it. I have the rest of my life to kiss Boyet! :p

Our helmet diving experience ended with our diver guide doing some tricks underwater. He did wonderful bubble formations which even the fishes loved! The diver also did some acrobatic stunts. Tumbling tumbling underwater! Hihi!

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