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My greatest contribution in our Boracay trip is probably my effort to type “where to eat in Boracay” on Google. Haha! Believe it or not, I can go on a trip without a plan, but I can’t survive one if I don’t know where to eat. So in my attempt to contribute in planning this trip, I took notes of the recommended places from my fellow food bloggers.

I was initially planning to dedicate one post for every place we tried, but knowing how lazy I can get, it might take me at least a year to finish everything. Haha! So I decided to just throw everything in one post. I figured that in case someone “Googled” the way I did prior to our trip, he/she will just get everything in one post. =)

People close to me know how unexcited I was to go to Boracay. Some people actually find it weird that a wanderer like me had never been to Boracay. But as our trip was fast approaching, I was looking forward to three things: 1) seeing Boracay’s white sand which everybody is going crazy about, 2) try parasailing and helmet diving, and 3) foodtrippin’ like there’s no tomorrow! And I had successfully crossed out these three out of my bucket list!


They say one must never leave Boracay without eating in Andok’s. I actually didn’t get the logic behind it given that there are a lot of branches of Andok’s in Metro Manila. I was so perplexed when Jeff and Joie insisted to have dinner (which happened to be our first meal in Boracay) in Andok’s. Joie told me, “E hindi ba after mag-swimming, parang ang sarap kumain ng litson manok?!” Ah, ok fine. Hehe. I was even more surprised with the fact that you’ll see more than one branch of Andok’s in Boracay. Sorry, first time ko e! :p

Andok’s, Boracay
Andok’s, Boracay Sinigang na Baboy

Andok’s, Boracay Litson Manok

Andok’s, Boracay Chopseuy

Guilly’s Island

Boracay is very much known for its lively night life. It wasn’t something I was keenly looking forward to given that I am already a lola, haha! But because we arrived in Boracay late in the day, we allotted our first day just chilling out. Joie suggested we spend some time to check out Boracay at night. It was a weekday in September so I guessed it wasn’t as crazy as I envisioned it to be. Anyway, we went to Guilly’s Island in Station 1. Joie convinced me to try their Tequila Sunrise. I am not used to drinking (I told you I’m a lola), but I gave it a shot (literally and figuratively) after Joie assured me that it would not make me crawl back to my bed! Mild lang daw. Ayun kinabukasan, nag pantal pantal siya! :p

Guilly’s Island, Boracay, Tequila Sunrise
Guests have the option to stay inside the bar, but we opted to stay outside, sitting on the sand in the middle of the night! Haha! Parang inuman lang ng tambay ang peg! It was actually a delight when we found out that they were having a "buy 1 get 1 free" promo for their Tequila Sunrise! Jeff had mojito, while Boyet had beer. We got an order of their fish balls, squid balls and kikiam platter. O ‘di ba? Tambay na tambay talaga! :p

Shenna’s Beach Resort & Restaurant

Our accommodation at Sunshine Place does not include free breakfast. And since we were going to have a day packed with activities on our second day which includes parasailing and helmet diving, we needed to have heavy breakfast. I searched for a place that serves decent breakfast meals that would not break our budget. Shenna’s topped my list. This modest restaurant is located at Station 2. They have traditional silog meals, sandwiches, pancakes, crepes and rice meals that range from PHP75 to PHP170. That’s definitely not bad!

Shenna’s Beach Resort & Restaurant, Boracay
Shenna’s Beach Resort & Restaurant, Boracay

Smoke Resto

I read a lot of raves for Smoke Resto! Each blog post I had read recommended a dish that tourists must try. Before we checked in to our second hotel (that on another post), we decided to go to D’Mall to check out the different restaurants. I suggested to the group that we should try Smoke Resto given the positive reviews I had read prior to our trip. We actually had a hard time finding it. But after burping out our lunch, we all agreed that looking for it is worth it!

The place is quite small so don’t expect anything fancy. It gets a little too crowded especially during peak hours. They have an open kitchen so guests can see how the food is being prepared. But since they mostly offer “sizzling” dishes, expect going out of the restaurant smelling like BBQ! Nyahaha! But believe me, it will all be worth it!

Smoke Resto, Boracay
Smoke Resto, Boracay

Smoke Resto, Boracay
Smoke Resto, Boracay
Their rice meals range between PHP140 and PHP170! That’s already a steal! When the rice meals were served to us, I initially thought that the serving wasn’t enough. It looked really small. I don’t know how they do it, but it seems like the bowls they use are bottomless! Ang tagal maubos! I actually had a very hard time finishing my meal because I got so full right away. And everything we had was really delicious! Talk about value for money!

Olé Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Finding Olé Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant was a big accident. Jeff was looking for a specific Mexican restaurant, but we could not find it. It was way past lunch time so we just went to the next best thing. We spotted Ole in D’Mall so we gave it a shot. Their menu is quite diverse. It is mainly composed of Mexican and Cuban dishes, but they also have some Italian and Filipino dishes. Again, my unorthodox husband decided to have bangus in a Mexican restaurant! *face palm* On the other hand, Jeff, Joie and I shared this Mexican platter of quesadillas, taco, nachos, burrito and enchilada. This is a bit pricey, though. We all got so surprised when we saw that this costs PHP870! That’s why the three of us just shared! Bwahaha! Jeff was man enough to take blame for this and insisted to pay for it. :p

Olé Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant, Boracay

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

And of course, the infamous Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar! Setting foot in Boracay is synonymous to drinking Jonah’s fruit shakes! Located in Station 1, this snack bar is well-known to tourists. I can’t remember how many times someone told me to try Jonah’s when they found out that I was going to Boracay.

It was already getting dark so we just decided to have our drinks while walking back to where we were staying. Fruit shakes are perfect on summer days. But I ended up getting chilled to the bone as I was drinking my shake while walking along the beach at 6PM! =)) But still, I was glad that I finally understood why Jonah’s became a household name in Boracay!

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar, Boracay, fruit shakes

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

Aside from Jonah’s fruit shakes, another famous element exclusive in Boracay is the well-known calamansi muffins. I have heard countless of people raving about this minute treat so that alone piqued my curiosity. On our last night in Boracay, we decided to look for Real Coffee & Tea Café. We didn’t get to see the dining area upstairs because our main goal was just to buy calamansi muffins for pasalubong. If I remember it correctly, each piece cost PHP60. I got the discounted price because I bought 1 box of muffins.

Their calamansi muffin is definitely one of a kind! The acidity of the calamansi is undoubtedly present so you’ll get that perfect sour and sweet blend at each bite. I remember the seller telling me that just one muffin can make you full. Siksik daw kasi. And she’s not lying! Joie also got to try a piece of their brownies. It’s also very yummy!

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe, Boracay, calamansi muffin

There are a lot of restaurants in Boracay. No one will get hungry as every spot has a place to eat. We limited our choices to those that could not be found in Manila (except for Andok’s, haha) although my husband’s first meal in Boracay is from Army Navy! =))

I only have one regret, though. We failed to try the street food at night. We didn’t find any on our first night. We spent the next night in another hotel. We planned to do it on our last night, but it rained heavily because of Typhoon Luis. Sayang! I would have wanted to munch on some isaw! Hihi. But still, I went back to Manila with a happy tummy! =)

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  1. Andok's din ang first meal namin sa Boracay. Bakit nga ba? Ah kasi yan yung una naming nakita na familiar sa amin. Hehe. Na-try ko din yung Guilly's, sulit yung buffet nila may kasama ng unlimited Mongolian rice. At yung Jonah's milk shake, okay din. I'll look for this post kapag nakabalik kami doon para may guide sa food trip.

    P.S. Na-try nyo ba yung isaw at chori burger sa tabing dagat? :)


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