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Last June, my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We didn’t have any concrete plans, same as our first and second anniversary celebrations. This shocks a lot of people given that Boyet and I love to travel. Our travel expenses had to be cut because we’re paying for a house, and our medical bills shot up beyond our imagination. So for the third year in a row, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in the most laid-back way possible. He specifically requested if I could find a quiet place that’s also close to nature. He even asked me to find a place where he could go fishing! As soon as he let all his requests out, I immediately told him that I already knew where we’re going. I had always wanted to go to Corito's Garden, but they were always fully booked on my desired date. I remember checking this out last summer, but we ended up going to Widus Hotel & Casino in Pampanga instead. Anyway, luck was definitely on my side because I was able to book a room from their website.

Cintai Corito’s Garden is a Balinese-inspired haven in Batangas, which is approximately just a 2-hour drive from Manila. I knew it would be the perfect place for us to unwind and recharge. Things got crazier with our career. Bills are piling up. And some plans have not been materialized the way we hoped for. So Corito's Garden was undeniably the best place to celebrate our anniversary.

Imagine my relief when I saw the sign of Corito’s Garden after a 2-hour drive. I was actually so surprised when I saw the area where the garden is located. Given the photos in my head from the various blog posts I read before our trip, I was expecting it to be in the middle of nowhere. Well technically, it’s ALMOST in the middle of nowhere because the location is just along the road, and I could still see cars and some houses. But as soon as the security guard opened the gates (which is really, really, really big and grand) for us, an entirely different kind of world welcomed us!

Cintai Corito’s Garden 
Cintai Corito’s Garden

Cintai Corito’s Garden




The place is perfect for those who simply want to spend time with family and friends. This 7-hectare (if I remember it correctly) property is ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila. Everything is sooooooo green! Walking with trees in sight is definitely relaxing! Some animals are also allowed to roam around the farm. I can’t remember how many times we were greeted by their very courteous staff members each time they see us. I do hope they include the chickens in their payroll because they greeted us, too! And so are the pony, the ducks (or were they geese?) and the peacock! =)  



Given that we would be staying for the night, we were entitled to a free tour. I’m just not sure, but I read somewhere that they also have day tour packages. Anyway, our guide, Kuya Jeff, walked with us while telling us the history of the place. Apparently, Cintai by Corito’s Garden used to be a private rest house. We were told that Corito stayed there to recuperate while battling a disease. After she died, her husband and their children decided to develop the property and to open it to the public in memory of their beloved Corito. Cintai is an Indonesian word which means LOVE. With the heartwarming history behind the place, no wonder that the entire property is shouting nothing but LOVE. =)



Aside from history, we also got some botany lessons from Kuya Jeff as he would tell us the name of each plant that we passed by! Hehe! He told us that guests are welcomed to pick fruits to bring home. Boyet and I could not believe what he said. Boyet then asked if we could bring home as many as we could. Sabi ni Kuya Jeff, huwag naman daw sako sako. Abuso na ‘yun! Honganaman! :p Unfortunately, we went there after the harvest season so we went home empty-handed. Paasa lang. Hihi!



They also have a place where guests can go fishing. My husband was extremely excited for this! But the fishes were still too small during our visit. I proved something that day. May natatanging taglay na kamalasan ang asawa ko. Haha! I was a bit sad, too. I was looking forward to try fishing for the first time, and I knew how it would make my husband really happy. I do hope we can come back in the future to try the things we missed.

No fruit harvesting. No fishing. Siningit ang OOTD! Hahaha!

DSC_1403 Top: Space | Shorts: Petrol | Shoes: We’ar Love | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

DSC_1434 Top: RRJ | Shorts: Uniqlo | Sandals: iPanema | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

DSC_1430Hahahahahahaha! Confirmed! :p

Corito’s Garden has four swimming pools. And a pandak dilemma once again, the adult’s pool depth is 5-6 feet. Ayun, gutter queen ako. Harhar! We may have missed fishing and harvesting of fruits, but we owned the pool during our stay!

Corito’s Garden has pavilions which are ideal for private events such as weddings. Kuya Jeff told us that they sometimes have yoga sessions being held there, too. The pavilions are picture-perfect with the intricate designs adorning them. Wouldn’t you get married or do yoga in such a spacious space while you’re surrounded by a luscious garden?

I love the setting of their villas. The one where we stayed has a veranda with couches. We stayed there a lot because of the fresh air. We talked and laughed non-stop outside. It’s actually very romantic, if you ask me.



I vividly remember booking a Deluxe Villa. According to their website, the one I booked has one queen-size bed and is good for two people. Imagine my surprise when were transferred to this villa. Pwedeng mag-practice ang cheering squad sa laki! I told Boyet that the villa we got is already good for 4 people. Out of curiosity, Boyet called the receptionist. We were thinking that the staff made a mistake. But they confirmed that they made the right room assignment. The receptionist told Boyet why we had to be transferred, but he wasn’t able to take note of it. I am not sure if their Deluxe Villas were already occupied. Our next door neighbor probably has 6 adults and 4 kids! As in buong pamilya with the yayas. Tapos kami, 2 lang?! Nagtalo pa kami saang bed kami matutulog! :p

DSC_1691 Na-SIR na naman ako! :p

The bathroom is just as spacious! It’s equipped with hot/cold shower and a bidet. Yey for bathrooms with bidets. =) Basic toiletries were also provided. The bathroom does not have a bath tub though. It would have been nicer given that there is still ample space.


I initially had second thoughts in booking Corito’s Garden because of one important thing – no TV in all villas. I know it’s very trivial, but I really love watching TV during vacations. Haha! Kuya Jeff told us that they deliberately did that to give their guests a chance to unwind and detach themselves from the “outside world”. They have TV in the restaurant. As a matter of fact, we watched the last few minutes of the last game between Spurs and Heat.

They provide free internet access. But just like the TV, it’s only limited to the restaurant. Even our own internet didn’t work while we’re in the villa. Even our mobile phones had very weak signal. So yeah, we survived having no TV and internet over the weekend! =)


I read quite a lot of mixed reviews with the food. But the lunch we had when we arrived was so good! We had sinigang na bangus and pinakbet. I fell in love with the stock of their sinigang having its perfect balance of acidity.



Our accommodation includes free breakfast and dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the one I got for dinner. However, the breakfast was so good, and very big! Haha. We ended up bringing the leftovers home. My favorite has to be the suman. Super yummy!


To say that we enjoyed our stay in Corito’s Garden is such an understatement. It gave us a chance to see the vibrant colors of the trees and the flowers which happen to be very scarce in Manila. It gave my lungs its much needed break, away from the pollution in the city. And most importantly, Corito's Garden gave us a home away from home. =)

Cintai Corito's Garden
Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas 


  1. Ang ganda at ang lakas makarelax ng place na yan, sa website nila ko pa lang nakita at sa mga blogs, like dito sa blog mo. Hehe. Isa yan sa pinagpipiliang wedding reception venue ng friend kong magpapakasal. She and her fiance are from Batangas kasi. Sana matuloy sila dyan para makapunta ako! Haha. :)

  2. Hang gandaaaaa! Balik kayo, sama kami! :)

  3. I browsed through the photos and thought that you're out of the country, until after I started reading your post! Parang ang sarap diyan. Super ganda ng place! :D

  4. ang ganda! magaling ka naman pala mag ootd post girl 😊


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