Movie Review: The Maze Runner

My younger brother, who watches one new movie every week (downloaded movies not included), highly recommended The Maze Runner. My husband and I were supposed to watch The Equalizer (which my brother said is also good), but we figured that The Maze Runner might be gone the following weekend.

I haven’t read the book so I didn’t really have any clues as to what to expect in the movie. I had no idea whether the movie adaptation stayed faithful with the book version. I was also initially having second thoughts whether I would like The Maze Runner given that I am such a huge fan of The Hunger Games. But after watching the movie adaptation, even my husband who is not that much of a bookworm, got so intrigued and wanted to buy the book series!

Thomas woke up in an unknown place without a singe trace of his memories except for his own name. He later on found out that the place is called the Glade, and that every month, a new boy is being sent there and trapped forever. The Glade is surrounded by a mysterious maze. They all know that it might be their only way out. However, nobody survived the night inside the maze.

The movie has a lot of heart-stopping moments, from the non-stop running to the never-ending fighting with unknown monsters. But more than the stunts and special effects, the main strength of the movie is its very interesting and gripping plot. It’s as if viewers are just as trapped as the main characters, trying to figure out what was really happening. It will surely leave everybody guessing.

I have to say that the lead actors are refreshing to watch as there are a lot of familiar faces in the movie. But there was one who definitely caught my attention! I first saw Ki Hong Lee on a Youtube short film. He’s my Youtube crush! Harharhar! I was so surprised when I saw him as one of the maze runners. I was thinking that it would just be a small part. But I am just so glad with his exposure in the film. I find his presence very mesmerizing. Hahaha! I’m totally fangirling! :p

Aside from both being in a dystopian setup, there are quite a few similarities between The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. There was one scene which reminded me so much of the friendship between Katniss and Rue. And of course, there are a lot of secrets and deception. It’s intriguing enough for viewers like me to want to know what happens next. The next installment is due next year, so I might as well just go to the bookstore and grab the books!

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  1. Basta movie and book reviews mo, lagi ko binabasa kasi may katuturan talaga mga sinasabi mo. Saka mababaw lang kasi ang kaligayahan ko, wala ako masyado pakialam sa technicalities and deeper meaning. Basta naaliw ako, okay na. Hehe. I remember nakumbinsi mo ako basahin ang She's Dating a Gangster na book. Nagandahan naman ako, although ang sad ng ending sa paningin ng mga buhay na tao. Gusto ko rin panuorin yung movie, wait ko ipalabas sa cable or baka may mag-upload sa Youtube. Haha. :)


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