Kolokoy Household: Episode 48

Happy first day of September, my dear readers! I can’t believe we’re already on the BER months! I am pretty sure that my feeds will be once again filled with posts saying “Wake me up when September ends!” I am so sure that this is going to be a hectic and stressful month for me. Although I am so tempted to just sleep the entire month and be in my wake-me-up-when-September-ends attitude, I think I would rather be “Dancing in September” and embrace all the craziness that this month brings! And to start this month on a positive note, I’ll let you take a peek once again at the Kolokoy Household.


My husband gets cold easily. So even if we don’t have AC at home, we always have a blanket ready in case he needs one in the middle of the night. One time while it was raining, I asked if we could share.

Me: Ang ginaw ha. Pengeng kumot.
Boyet: O eto. Ang lamig nga e. Talukbong tayo.

Nasa loob kami ng kumot...

From head to toe...

Parang bahay-bahayan daw...

Ang sweet lang, 'di ba?!

Tapos, maya-maya lang…



Cause of death: Suffocation by Inhaling Deadly Fart!!!


Yesterday, we were talking about the Philippines-Croatia game at FIBA World. We all agreed how Jeff Chan did an amazing job for the Philippine team!

Papa: Sayang ‘yung huling tira ni Jeff Chan e ‘no? Kung naipasok ‘yun, wala ng overtime.
Boyet: Oo nga e.
Papa: Siya rin ba ‘yung nagpanalo last time sa China?
Boyet: Hindi, Pa. Si Lee.
Me: Sinong Lee?
Boyet: Si David Lee.
Me: David Lee??? Baka Gary David?
Boyet: Hindi nga! Si Lee! David Lee!
Me: Hahahaha! David Lee mo mukha mo!
Mama: Sira! Si Gary Lee!
Me: O, sumali ka pa kasi e! Si Paul Lee!!!


I was brushing my teeth when I heard a news snippet about an upcoming horror film, Maria Leonora Teresa.

Maria-Leonora-TeresaImage taken from starmometer.com

Me: Hindi ba kay Nora Aunor ‘yan?!
Mama: Hindi. Bago ‘to. Horror daw e. Si Judy ang bida.
Me: Judy Ann Santos?
Mama: Hindi… Judy Sta. Maria.
Me: Hahahahahaha!
Mama: Ay JODI pala!

Muntik ko ng malunok ‘yung toothpaste kakatawa!


On our way home, my husband excitedly showed me a photo.

Boyet: Baby, may ipapakita ako sa’yo. Tignan mo ‘yung pictures sa phone ko. Dali!
Me: O ano ‘to?
Boyet: Nag-lunch kasi ako kanina. E tinanong ko sa waitress kung meron silang Maximo o kaya Bruno. E wala daw. Sabi ko sa kanya kahit ano na lang, basta bagay sa’kin. Tapos, ayan ang binigay niya.
Me: Ininom mo ‘to?! Hindi ka na nahiya!
Boyet: Hahahahaha!



My husband has very smooth legs. He only has three strands of hair per leg. Inggit na inggit ako. I have always wanted to try laser hair removal, but it’s very pricey. So after a lot of convincing from my friend, Joie, I recently tried waxing my legs. Anyway, I showed Boyet that the hair is starting to grow back.

Me: Tumutubo na ulit ‘yung hair sa legs ko.
Boyet (while caressing my legs): Hala! Ang gaspang na.
Me (while caressing his legs): Grabe. Buti ka pa ang kinis ng legs mo.
Boyet: Ganyan talaga kaming mga artista.
Me: Kainggit legs mo, walang pores!
Boyet: Well, well, well!
Me: Alam ko na bakit walang pores legs mo.
Boyet: Bakit?
Me: Nasa mukha mo lahat napunta ‘yung pores! Hahahaha!
Boyet: Tse!

Enjoy the rest of the week! Let’s all rock September! =)

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  1. Hindi ako maka move on sa Judy Sta. Maria!!!



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