KDrama Review: I Hear Your Voice

The last Korean drama I watched religiously was Baker King. I vividly remember that it was what Boyet and I were watching while we were brainstorming and preparing DIY stuff for our wedding. We have been married for three years, so that already feels like a lifetime! I don’t know why I lost interest in watching Korean dramas, but that changed this year. Mitch, my teammate and resident KPop expert, has been our source of Korean dramas. For some odd reasons, she managed to convince me to watch My Love from the Star a few months ago, even giving me tips how to watch it despite my very busy schedule. I transferred the files to my phone, and watched it while stuck in traffic, which happens all the time! Haha! Then a couple of weeks ago, I finished watching I Hear Your Voice. That’s why Mitch suggested that I blog about KDrama reviews. Haha! (Pagbibigyan ko siya dahil siya ang source ko! :p)

If I am not mistaken, I Hear Your Voice (aka I Can Hear Your Voice) is currently being shown in GMA7 before the late night news. I didn’t really have any idea what the show was all about. I just found the teaser so intriguing because of the mind-reading premise of the story. I thought it was just the usual kilig rom-com, but I was taken aback while I was watching the first few episodes.

Jang Hye-Sung (Lee Bo-Young) is a lawyer, specifically a public defender, who was just working for money. As in wala siyang pake sa mga ipinagtatanggol niya! Haha! On the other hand, Park Soo-Ha (Lee Jong-Suk) is a high school student who has the ability to read minds. At first, Lee Jong-Suk didn’t give me the “feels” that I usually get from the other Korean actors. But his character drastically matures as the story progresses which unraveled the kind of knight in shining armor that he was supposed to portray. Lee Bo-Young is hilarious! She was so effective in playing an immature lawyer with so much pride. Bentang-benta sa'kin 'yung OA niyang pa-toss toss ng hair. Hihi. But despite her comedic side, she was still able to deliver in the dramatic scenes. I actually questioned the chemistry of these two lead actors. I’m not sure if it’s because of the age gap, or maybe because they are nowhere near the usual molds of a Korean love team. Pero nung nanood na ako, hala! Kilig na kilig na ako! :p They are actually so cute together. Tuwang-tuwa ako sa nguso ni Park Soo-Ha! :p

Their history spans for years which made the plot more interesting and entertaining. I was surprised that the story’s focus went beyond Park Soo-Ha’s ability. I got a glimpse of how the law works (there are differences between Korean and Philippine laws, of course) in ways I have never imagined. Watching it made me finally understand the meaning of the very popular law jargon “reasonable doubt”. O 'di ba, educational pa?! Haha! :p

Watching I Hear Your Voice will give your heart some exercise. It will make you laugh. It will give you that feeling of having small lumps formed in your throat, especially while watching those heartbreaking scenes. It will make you believe in the innate goodness of people. It’s thought-provoking, and it will make you question a lot of things like work ethics, justice, equality, hate and revenge. And believe it or not, it will inspire you too. It will inspire you to revisit your own moral standards and even your ability to forgive. So yeah, this is definitely more than just a love story! =)

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  1. Pinanood ko din'to :) what i love this drama series, started funny pero along the way a mystery is starting to unfold. although there's a hint of predictability, the way the events were connected is very excellent. hindi ko na din tinigilan :) i both love the female lead and the antagonist .. forgot her name pero yung lawyer din.


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