Movie Review: Lucy

The movie trailer of Lucy caught my attention primarily because 1) the plot reminds me so much of Limitless which starred Bradley Cooper, and 2) well, it stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman!!!

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I loved Limitless so I wasn’t really expecting to like Lucy as much. I already had a lot of presumptions because of this. I could not help but compare the two while I was watching Lucy. I liked Limitless more, but Lucy is still a good watch. Scarlett did an amazing job in playing Lucy. She convincingly transitioned from a free-spirited party girl, to a clueless and weak victim of a drug syndicate, and to a know-it-all, invincible and almost heartless human being. Morgan Freeman is undeniably a gem. He made a huge impact even if all he did in the movie was mostly to give lectures.

The movie is flawed. Although the plot is gripping, some parts of the movie got a bit dragging. But the unique way of narration kept me interested. The use of visually-stimulating images like microscopic cells and wildlife animals is actually a nice addition. Although I don’t think that the science part of the movie is 100% accurate (It’s sci-fi, duh!), it’s still geeky and very thought-provoking.

What sets it apart from Limitless is the fact that this is more philosophical. Lucy was able to use her ability into something far beyond what humans can probably imagine. I had mixed feelings with the movie’s ending as it somehow lost the “human touch” and kept me asking myself why it ended the way it did. But still, Lucy is an action-packed, intriguing and entertaining movie.

Expect lots of blood all throughout the movie. It’s rated R-16 in the Philippines.

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