Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Even before it officially hit the theaters, raves on Guardians of the Galaxy filled both my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I wasn’t able to catch it on the first week of showing so I was expecting to watch it inside a cinema with just 5, probably 10 other strangers inside. But I was wrong!

I didn’t really know what to expect with Guardians of the Galaxy. I am not into reading comic books so I was totally not familiar with the story. The only thing I brought with me inside the cinema is that very high expectation because everybody seemed to have liked it.

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I actually felt that the first few minutes of the movie were a bit dragging. My mind was filled with “I thought this was an awesome movie?!” kind of thoughts. But as the pace picked up, I finally understood what the entire buzz was about! The movie is very engaging. It was as if moviegoers were transported into an entirely different world. The occasional burst of jokes and funny antics definitely made this movie more entertaining!

Chris Pratt did a convincing job of playing Peter Quill, the head of losers who have been tasked to save the galaxy. His dancing prowess is also something that should not be overlooked! Haha! I have always loved Zoe Saldana. But she officially became a part of my personal “Girls Who Kicked Ass” list ever since I watched her in Colombiana. I’m glad that she brought all her toughness as she plays Gamora. Dave Bautista’s performance is undeniably refreshing, although there’s still so much room for improvement. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel who voiced Rocket and Groot (OMG! Everybody loves Groot!!! I wonder how much Vin Diesel was paid to say “I am Groot” haha!) respectively, gave the movie a different depth of entertainment.

Aside from the interesting storyline, good acting and funny punch lines, the one thing which made this movie more appealing is the soundtrack!!! Ok, it must be because I am old, and that I can relate to most of the songs. But there was something about these songs that brought a sense of melancholy, maybe because it was the only thing that reminded me of planet Earth while the movie successfully brought me to an alternate universe. =)

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