Kolokoy Household: Episode 46

Happy first Monday of August, my dear readers! I apologize for not being to update my blog as often as before. Things are just going crazier each day – work, paper works needed for our housing loan and the fact that I get lazier every day. I don’t even have the energy to turn on my laptop and write something decent. All I wanted to do these past couple of weekends is the continuous cycle of eating, sleeping and doing nothing. It must be PMS. Or it must be the weather. Or maybe, it must simply be old age! =)) Anyway, I’m just checking in for a quick Kolokoy Household post. I hope you will all still be around when I get my groove back. =)


For years, Mama kept on asking us what the requirements are in getting a passport. Tanong ng tanong, paulit-ulit pero hindi naman kumukuha.

Mama: Ano bang requirements para makakuha ng passport?
Me: Ayan, tanong ka na naman. Nakailang tanong ka na ha.
Mama: Ano nga?
Boyet: Birth certificate saka valid ID.
Mama: Ano bang valid ID?
Boyet: Passport! Hahaha!
Mama: Siraulo ka ha! Ano nga?
Boyet: SSS, driver’s license, voter’s ID, mga ganun.
Mama: Ang tagal kumuha nun e. Ano pa?
Boyet: Pinakamadali Ma, NBI clearance.
Mama: Anong requirement sa NBI clearance?
Boyet: Passport!


Mama and I had a misunderstanding resulting to a silent war which lasted for days. It was really just a petty quarrel. I would have not raised the white flag if not for my husband. Ako daw ang anak, ako daw ang magbaba ng pride. I started talking to her and things went back to normal. We didn’t talk about it, though. But yesterday, Mama and Boyet had this conversation.

Mama: Mababait naman yang mga yan e. Hindi ko naman sila pinalaking ganun. Kaya hindi ko alam bakit siya nagalit e nagtatanong lang naman ako.
Boyet: E kasi Ma, hindi naman siya dun nagalit sa tanong mo e.
Mama: Ah, hindi ba?
Boyet: Nagalit siya kasi sinabihan mo siyang panget. E alam mo namang ako lang ang sinasabihan mong panget sa bahay na ‘to na hindi nagagalit e! 
Mama: Hahahahaha!!!


That’s me with my three-year old niece, Zoe. She is the cute and adorable daughter of my cousin, Hazel, who also happens to be the mompreneur behind Funtastic Shop. Anyway, I don’t get to see her very often because they now live in Cavite. So what they do is they send us voice messages through Viber. Zoe is like a sponge. Ang bilis maturuan! Counting, alphabet, nursery rhymes, kahit commercials sa TV! But as they say, kids don’t lie!

Voice Message #1:

Hazel: Is Ninong Boyet pogi?
Zoe: Yes!!!
… … …
Zoe: Joke lang!

Voice Message #2:

Hazel: Hi, Ninang.
Zoe: Hi, Enang!
Hazel: Brownies, please.
Zoe: Brownies, please.
Hazel: Ninong Boyet is pogi.
Zoe: Ayaw!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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