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I have been going to the Robinsons Manila branch of Jesi Mendez Salon since last year after I noticed a decline in the services of the MUMU (aka mumurahing) salon that I had been frequenting before. I first went there when I decided to cut my hair short after sporting a long bun for more than a year. I then went back last January when I felt like doing something “drastic” to my hair for my 30th birthday. (See posts here and here.) Then a couple of weeks ago, Joie and I planned for a salon date to give our hair their much needed attention. We were supposed to do a specific treatment, but we ended up having our hair colored!

I have been coming back to the same stylist who did my hair on my first visit. It was Joie’s first time so she just asked for whoever was available at that time. Service is actually good. The stylists and even the assistants try to make small talks, and they also offer free refreshments. Their clientele is actually diverse. During our last visit, I was seated beside an old lady while there were a few young girls at the other side of the salon. My husband also tried a couple of times to have his haircut at Jesi Mendez Salon.

It was my first time to have my hair colored so I was a bit worried on how it would turn out. Good thing that the stylists were very helpful in giving inputs and suggestions. They even explained why the prices differ. Joie asked why I was charged a few hundred bucks cheaper for my hair color. The stylists reasoned out that the strands of my hair are actually thinner than Joie’s. Hihi!

Joie’s stylists also recommended some home treatment products for her hair. I then asked my stylist if I also need to use such products. She said that there is no need because my hair has not yet been rebonded. I just need to use whatever shampoo and conditioner I wish to use, preferably those for colored or treated hair. I actually appreciated that gesture because she didn’t try to deceive me by selling their products which I don’t need. E kung iba ‘yun, benta lang ng benta! I paid PHP3,000+ for the hair color, hair treatment and haircut. Joie paid more because of the products she purchased. :p

DSC_1776 So, watchatink?! :p

I was initially worried that my hair would be frizzy after having my hair colored. Surprisingly, my hair is still soft and manageable. And oh, Joie said that the products are really good. The conditioner is a bit expensive, but it really makes her hair softer. =)

Proof that I really love their service? I went back to Jesi Mendez Salon on December 2014 to have another haircut and have my hair colored again. =)

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Jesi Mendez Salon
Level 2 Faura Wing
Robinsons Manila

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