Restaurant Review: Sakae Sushi

Boyet and I had been to Sakae Sushi before, but we were unable to try their all-day sushi buffet. So years after our last visit, we came back, this time with my family. Sakae Sushi in Robinsons Manila was Papa’s choice for our wedding anniversary celebration. Boyet and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary while it was my parents’ 32nd!

The first thing that mall goers will probably notice when they pass by Sakae Sushi is the sushi carousel. I always see people looking with amazement as they see through the glass to peek inside the restaurant. This alone is already inviting for sushi lovers. What more if they find out that an all-day sushi buffet only costs PHP399! If you are not in the mood for unlimited sushi, they also charge on a per plate basis.

Mama, Abes and I decided to take advantage of the all-day sushi buffet. Our strategy was to get as many red and purple plates as we could, though we were mindful not to get too much of what we could handle because the restaurant charges for leftovers.

The three of us agreed that this was the best among all the plates we had. The tempura inside gave that unique crunch which contrasted the mushy texture of the rice.

We actually enjoyed our unlimited sushi experience. It was just a bit disappointing because it took them forever to refill the carousel as people started to crowd the restaurant. Antay kami ng antay ng red and purple plates! :p My brother also said that we got the wrong seats. We should have seated on the part of the restaurant which is the starting point of the carousel. Para daw paglapag pa lang ng plates, makukuha na namin! Haha! It actually made sense because the people who were seated in those areas were getting all the red and purple plates! Next time, may plan of attack na kami. :p

These are some of the plates I had.

My younger brother was the runaway winner with the most number of plates wiped out! Hahaha!

These were mine. Ang hina kong kumain. Hihi! :p

Papa and Boyet opted to have Sakae Sushi’s bento meals. They both enjoyed their dinner. I think Papa had the Tempura Bento while my husband had this.

A trip to a Japanese restaurant is not complete without my brother getting a plate of sashimi. I used to dread eating sashimi (anything raw, actually), but my younger brother made me change my mind. This sashimi is so good! It looks and tastes really fresh. No fishy odor.

Even if there were some misses, we still enjoyed our Sakae Sushi experience. Next time, I’ll come with an emptier stomach. Bwahahaha! :p

Sakae Sushi
Ground Level Faura Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. Waaaaahhh! Dyan kami nag date ni Erlie noon! Saan na yung mga pictures ko dyan?! Hahahahahaha.. Bakit syao ko hinahanap?! Eps lang...


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