Kolokoy Household: Episode 42

Happy Monday, my dear readers! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was super fun! Boyet and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on June 12. It was my parents’ 32nd! The following day, my husband and I went out of town for a quick getaway. And of course yesterday was Father’s Day so we went out to treat Papa Kolokoy. And now, I’m back to the daily grind! Bwisit lang! Bwahaha!


If you’ve been to Manila recently, then you have probably seen the city’s slogan everywhere. I first read it on Twitter. Then a few days after, I saw it painted on a wall with the faces of Erap and Isko.

Me: Bwahahahaha! Ang panget nga!
Boyet: Ng alin?!
Me: Ng bagong slogan ng Manila!

Boyet: Anong sabi?
Me: Forward ever… Backward never…
Boyet: Sideward whatever?!
Me: Hahahahaha! Pwede! :p

ERAP-ISKO-400x262 Image taken from balita.ph


Boyet is the master of pick-up lines. Whether it’s original or he just heard it somewhere else, benta lagi sa’kin! A few days ago, prepared si mokong! May bago! :p

Boyet: Baby, ayaw ko na sa IT. Gusto ko mag-aral ulit. Gusto kong mag-shift.
Me: Anong course?
Boyet: PHARMA…
Me: Bakit PHARMA?!
Boyet: PHARMA-halin kita forever!

Bwahahahaha! Napulot lang daw niya ‘yun sa radyo! :p


One day, my husband told me that his office mates often get shocked when they see a photo of me for the first time.

Boyet: Palagi na lang nilang sinasabi sa’kin na, “Sir, ang ganda naman ng asawa mo.”
Me: O anong sinasabi mo?
Boyet: Siyempre sinasabi ko, “Aba naman! Magpapadehado ba naman ba ako?! Magpapalahi ba naman ako ng panget?!”
Me: Wow ha! Ikaw pa talaga dehado?!


One night while Boyet and I were washing the dishes, he suddenly stopped and motioned like he was trying to listen to something.

Me: Ano ‘yun?
Boyet: Tumutunog yata ‘yung cellphone ko sa itaas e.
Mama: Bakit, ano 'yun?
Boyet: May tumatawag yata sa'kin e.
Mama: Hindi, utot ko lang ‘yun!
Boyet: Ma, hindi tunog utot ang ringtone ko!


Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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  1. Ano ang bagong slogan ng Manila??!!



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