Book Review: Diary ng Panget (2-4) by HaveYouSeenThisGirL

The movie adaptation came out last week, but I wasn’t done yet reading the entire book series. I had to bug my husband to find me books 2-4 because I didn’t want to watch the movie before finishing the books. I’m OC like that. Harharhar!!!

Just like the first installment (see my review here), the rest of the series is just hilarious! As in nagugulat na lang ‘yung asawa ko na nag-va-vibrate ‘yung kama namin sa kakatawa ko! I know that some books are meant to put the readers in deep thought. But books like Diary ng Panget is meant to entertain the readers.

The author was able to successfully bring me into her fantasy world. I love the transformation of each characters most especially Cross. I also find his love-hate relationship with Eya amusing rather than annoying. As I was reading it, I thought that I would be able to predict the end of the story. But the end caught me off guard. It wasn’t something I was expecting. Pero keri na rin. Super kilig at major laughtrip ang Diary ng Panget!

I had read a lot of negative reviews from critics and other readers. I actually don’t have a problem with that given that we live in a democratic country. But I just hate people who say that it’s a waste of money and their primary argument is this – it’s written in Filipino! Whatdahell?! Kapag hindi English, wala na agad kwenta?! :p Like what I said in my review of the first book, DNP is flawed. But in spite of the grammatical and typographical errors, it is one helluva funny book! Kapag hindi ka natawa dito, try mo magpatingin sa doktor. :p This book series is something not worthy of a Nobel Prize in Literature. But if you just want to read something short, funny and entertaining, then Diary ng Panget will definitely not disappoint you! =)

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