Movie Review: Starting Over Again

After the success of Bride for Rent, Star Cinema is once again back on the big screen, this time with the most awaited team up of Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual. I don’t know what took Star Cinema this long to pair up Toni and Piolo. Call me jologs, baduy or whatever you want to call me, but I was really excited for this movie. I have always been a fan of both. Pinilihan ko lahat ng movies ni Toni! =)) And Piolo?! Wala akong pake kung ano siya (you know what I mean), basta gusto ko siya! Hihi!

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Starting Over Again is not your typical movie. If you think it is, you’re wrong. Olivia Lamasan is Olivia Lamasan. Walang kupas! The direction was superb! Wala akong masabi! The movie wasn’t able to make me cry, but I got affected, as in really affected. I could feel the characters’ pain, and I have to attribute it to Lamasan’s direction.

All the cast members were very good. Wala kang itatapon! Toni Gonzaga has matured so much in this movie. In the past, she may get a bit annoying. Nakakabingi siya at times. But, she has finally found her balance in acting. Nobody can argue with her comedic timing. But she did really well in the drama department. Ramdam na ramdam ko ang sakit niya! =(

Piolo Pascual is undoubtedly one of the best actors of his time. I can only name three actors who I admire when it comes to acting. ­‘Yung seryosong acting at hindi pa-cute lang - John Lloyd Cruz, Coco Martin and Piolo Pascual. With Piolo, mata pa lang, kahit walang linya, tagos sa bones e! Nyahaha! I love how he managed to portray the transitions of his character. From maamo to fierce, from in love to galit. Grabe! Amazing lang!

Iza Calzado was able to provide the right amount of tension that was needed in the story. She’s the girl you can’t ever have the heart to hate. As a signature move of Star Cinema, Starting Over Again also has those characters that would surely make you laugh. Joross Gamboa, that same guy who made me LOL on It Takes A Man and A Woman, did it again. I would have wanted him and Edgar Allan (also from Unofficially Yours) to have more funny scenes, but I guess that would ruin the dramatic essence of the film. Fortunately, Beauty Gonzales and Cai Cortez were both to the rescue! Playing as Ginny’s best friends, these girls will surely make you appreciate your girl friends more. ‘Yung mga friends na tipong babatukan ka para magising ka sa katangahan mo! Sila ‘yun e! And oh, that inuman scene of Ginny (Toni) and Wella (Beauty) were both hilarious and touching at the same time.

The musical scoring has a vital part in this film. ‘Yung nasasaktan ka na, tapos ‘yung Starting Over Again na kanta parang asin na ibinudbod sa sugat! =))

If you haven’t seen the film, don’t go beyond this point. This MAY contain some spoilers! :p

The best thing I like in this movie?! THE ENDING! It may not be the conventional ending of a love story, but it’s the most fitting. I know that some may not like it, but it’s actually the closest to reality. It may not be in the exact and usual package of a HAPPY ENDING, but at least, everybody got a piece of it in the end. So thank you, Star Cinema! That was the ending you deprived me of with One More Chance! =))

This Valentine weekend, make sure to catch this whether you’re in a relationship or not. If you’re in a relationship, bring your special someone with you. I was lucky enough that I didn’t need to force my husband to go with me. If you’re single, watch it with your girl friends (or boy friends). You’ll definitely get a thing or two from this film. We even saw a group a guys watching it. (Let’s just not debate whether they were there for Toni or for Piolo, ok?) And watch out for the special guests! Tuwang-tuwa ako promise! The entire cinema roared when they were shown. =)

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