Flappy Bird

Last Sunday, I made a horrible mistake of following my brother’s suggestion to install Flappy Bird on my mobile phone. He initially showed it to me as it was already installed on his phone. The game’s objective is straightforward – just don’t let the bird touch the pipes or fall to the ground. That sounds simple, right? WRONG!!!

My brother already warned me, “Ate, nakakasira ng buhay ‘tong larong ‘to!” So if you love yourself enough, don’t download this game. It will ruin your life! If you want to maintain your good mental health, don’t fall into this craze! If you have anger issues, don’t ever try to play it! =))

When I first played it, the highest score I could get was 2! Yesterday, I reached 14! My super talented brother’s highest score – 98! Ang sarap niyang saktan! =))

Promise guys, nakakainis! I am not really good with this kind of stuff in general. And I suck big time most especially when a game involves eye-hand coordination. Kaya pasensya na sa score kong 14. Hihihihi! So just to get even to this very cruel universe, I asked my seatmate to try it out. Nakaganti na ako. May nasira na akong ibang buhay! HARHARHARHAR!!!

I don’t know how the conscience of this game’s developers can handle the fact that they are destroying a lot of lives. And I do hope they soon realize that a bird will not die if it hits an effin’ pipe! =))

P.S. If you're already hooked to Flappy Bird and you want to cheat your way through it, watch this video!

Update February 4, 2014: My highest score is now 31! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Update February 5, 2014: My husband's highest score is now 106! My brother?! 151!!! @_@

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