Kolokoy Household: Episode 31

Hello, guys! I am sure that most of you are now back on the daily grind. The long break from work is over. Ok lang. Konting kembot lang naman, Chinese New Year na. Holideeeeeyyyy again! Hindi naman ako masyadong tamad pumasok, ano?! :p

Anyway, I think it is only fitting to have the first Monday of 2014 allotted for a Kolokoy Household post. Don’t you agree?! Hihihi!


Before I start with the story, allow me first to introduce you to the cast members. Nyahaha!!!

Nina – Boyet’s 11-year-old niece
Ina – Boyet’s 7-year-old niece
Carla – Boyet’s 7-year-old niece
Rai – Boyet’s 3-year-old nephew

Now, here it goes!

My father-in-law suffered from a minor heart attack a few months ago. Although he is doing well and is already back in doing the things that he used to do prior to the attack, most of the family members are still watching his every move. Bawal ang taba. Bawal ang yosi. Bawal ang alak. But during the Christmas break, Boyet did something horrible which made a lot of people really angry!

Boyet: Pa! San Mig lights!
Me: Siraulo ka! Bawal kay Papa ‘yan!
Boyet: Lights lang ‘yan. Harmless ‘yan.
Nina: Mama! Si Lolo Papa umiinom o!!!
Carla: Hala! Isusumbong ka namin kay Nanay!
Ina: Papa!!! Bawal ‘yan!!!

Wala na! Nagkagulo na ang buong bahay! Isa lang ang nakapagpatahimik sa aming lahat!


Akala mo siya ‘yung na-heart attack e?! =))


While we were on our way home, we saw a car with an “8” plate number. The driver kept on blowing the car’s horn on us.

Boyet: Ang yabang neto o. Porke ba otso ang plaka mo!
Me: Oo nga! Ang yabang mo ha! Otso din kaya plaka namin!
Boyet: Huh?!
Me: Kaya nga coding tayo kapag Thursday, ‘di ba?! =))


Boyet has been bugging me to learn how to drive. I am willing to, but I can think of a million reasons why I can’t do it for now. First, we don’t have a spare car. So in case maibangga ko, nganga na kami! Second, my hand-feet-eyes coordination is just too bad! =))

One night, I saw the trailer of The Legal Wife – the newest teleserye from ABS-CBN.

legalwife Photo taken from spotlighttheatre.wordpress.com

In one of the scenes, Angel (the wife) saw Echo (the husband) and Maja (the mistress) walking together. Angel drove the car until it almost hit Echo and Maja. Isa lang ang naisip ko after that scene.

Me: I am sooooo learning how to drive a car! In case mambabae ka, alam ko na gagawin ko!!!
Boyet: Wow ha! Wow!

Happy Monday! =)

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