Restaurant Review: Papa John’s Pizza

My medical appointment on a Friday afternoon ended earlier than we expected. We were already planning to have a date night, but we ditched having one in BGC. It was still a few minutes before rush hour so we decided to get out of The Fort as fast as we could. For weeks, we had to bear the horrible traffic at BGC! I’ve been working there for almost two years now, but this is the worst we’ve experienced. Anyway, we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants along Jupiter St. in Makati. We thought that if traffic gets worse after dinner, at least we’re closer to home. I was really craving for pizza so I convinced Boyet to have dinner at Papa John’s. Nagsawa na yata ako sa burger!!! :p

I have always been a fan of their pizza ever since I first tasted it a few years ago. But choosing what pizza to get that night was such an arduous task! Hubby also wanted to have a pasta dish so to make the decision easier, we opted to simply have one of cheapest pizzas from the menu. Nakatipid pa kami so win-win. HARHARHAR!

There are two or three pizza flavors on the same price range so that trimmed down our choices. After a long discussion, we opted to have Chicken Bacon Ranch.

DSC_1174 Chicken Bacon Ranch (Regular) PHP275

It has chicken, bacon and ranch.

Naghanap ako ng sheep or horse sa pizza pero waley! 

Shet ang corny ng joke ko! =))

Seriously, it has grilled chicken, bacon, garlic, tomatoes and onions. The ranch sauce is so good! It has a hint of sweetness which complemented the smoky flavor of the chicken and bacon. At first glance, the pizza may look as if it has overpowering flavors. Pero hindi nakakaumay. It’s good with or without the dipping sauce.

We initially wanted to have carbonara, but we thought that having a creamy pasta dish would be an overkill considering that we already got the Chicken Bacon Ranch. Since I love spicy food, I decided to get the Diablo Burst.

DSC_1165 Diablo Burst PHP180

We were asked to choose between spaghetti and penne pasta. We chose the latter. Sauteed with sausage, mushrooms, onions and garlic, and then topped with Parmesan cheese, this fiery dish is such an unforgettable one. I could taste the pungent flavor of the sausage which I believe is the highlight of the dish. I love spicy food, but the Diablo Burst went beyond my tolerance! Super duper mega anghang to the highest level. As in tulo-sipon-pati-luha-at-muta kind of spicy. I still loved it but I had to give up because my tongue could no longer handle it. Diablo talaga! If the devil serves this kind of food in hell, magpapakabait na talaga ako! Nyahaha!!!

Aside from the very good food, service was also commendable. Our orders arrived in no time, and we were out of the restaurant in less than an hour. :)

Papa John’s Pizza
102 Jupiter St.,
Makati City

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  1. "Super duper mega anghang to the highest level. As in tulo-sipon-pati-luha-at-muta kind of spicy."

    Hahaha. I believe you so I won't order that pasta dish. Tamang anghang lang ang kaya ng powers ko. :)


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