Product Review: We’ar Love’s Ballet Flats

Once in a while, we stumble upon a brand so good that you have no other choice but to let others know how awesome it is. This is what happened between me and We’ar Love.

A couple of months ago, my husband received a private message on Facebook from one of his former officemates, Bunny. She was requesting Boyet to check out We’ar Love, an online store which sells shoes, which she also happens to own. To tell you frankly, I was hesitant at first. I don’t usually buy from online shops unless I personally know the seller. But even if I know her through Boyet, I was having second thoughts because I never buy clothes and shoes from online sellers. I am a very visual person so I want to see everything first before shelling out my hard-earned money. And you are probably aware how some websites post very deceiving photos of their products/services. Photogenic pero sa personal, waley na! I think you can’t blame me for being skeptical. But I found out one thing which made me change my mind in an instant.

We’ar Love is more than just an online shop. When you buy a pair of shoes, 20% of what you pay goes directly to Project Pearls, an organization that helps out kids from Tondo who work in coal mines. I mean, I send two strangers to school, two kids whom I haven’t even met. So who am I to say no to Project Pearls and to a pair of new shoes? Hihi. So I checked out their Facebook page, and I was in awe! I had to bookmark all the stuff I like, but I had to trim them down to just two pairs because le husband was paying for it. Ayun ang isa pang naka-convince sa’kin! Minsan lang niya ako ilibre ng shoes! =))

DSC_1124 Giraffe Ballet PHP560

We bought two pairs, but I am sharing you just this one because I still haven’t worn the other pair. Hindi ko pa na break-in! :p You know me, I don’t recommend restaurants, hotels and products which I still haven’t tried and tested. That’s how much I value my credibility and the trust of my dear readers. =)


So what can I say about it? Ohhh-mayyyy-gawwwwd!!! I loveeeeee it! I can’t remember the last time I had a pair of flat shoes which cost under PHP600. And 20% of it is put to good use! This specific pair is foldable so this is perfect for travel junkies like me. It’s very soft and doesn’t cause blisters! I hate it when shoes force me to wear plasters just to protect my skin from blistering. I wore this for two consecutive days, and my husband said, “Ano ‘yan, peyborit?!” Yes, it is my newest favorite! Teehee!!! =)

We’ar Love is probably a play between WEAR LOVE and the statement WE ARE LOVE. Ang taba ng utak ng nakaisip ng brand name, clap clap clap! But seriously, We’ar Love stands by its name. You wear something that is made for you to love. And by doing so, you extend your love to the kids of Tondo. Every step I make wearing my newest flats is a reminder of how I helped these kids in my own little way. =)

We’ar Love
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  1. Tol I love it!!! :) The design is too cute. Lumaki na paa ko baka kasya na sken ang 5! Hihihihi.. Will surely check out their FB page. :)

  2. Napatingin tuloy ako sa Fb page at IG nila. :) I love ribbon bow flats.


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