Hotel Review: Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

My husband and I were both too stressed out by the end of August so we decided to welcome the month of September with a relaxing staycation. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I am still trying so hard to catch up with my backlogs!!!)

I came to know Richmonde Hotel through Joie. She went there with Jeff a week before our staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites. Because she had mostly positive reviews about the hotel, I decided to book an overnight stay for me and my husband.

We were immediately greeted by this colossal chandelier which speaks nothing but grandeur. The sparkling clean floors and gigantic paintings on the wall definitely added to the hotel’s splendor.

We arrived an hour past the check-in time so we were immediately attended to by the hotel receptionist. Checking-in was a breeze. We got our room access cards in no time.

This was actually our most laid back staycation ever. We were informed that their swimming pool was under renovation so I only left the room when breakfast was served. Hihi. My husband bought Jollibee for lunch (at 4PM!!!) because it was the first restaurant he saw. I took a nap after that, watched TV, had dinner, watched more TV and went to sleep. Talk about Buhay Prinsesa! =))

Now, let’s talk about our room. It may not be my favorite among all the other hotels I have been to, but there are a lot of positive points for Richmonde Hotel. I have to agree with Joie that their bed is the best part of the room. It’s so soft that Boyet and I had to examine it to check out what made it so soft. Aside from the very soft bed, I believe that the secret lies behind the mattress topper that they use. It added “bounce” to the bed. Even their pillows and comforter are extra soft!

Our room has all the basic things that must be present in a hotel room. It has a well-functioning AC which gave us a very good night sleep and a desk which my husband used to play Candy Crush while I was having good time in dreamland. Nyaha!

Our room also has a personal ref full of different kinds of refreshments. It’s placed in a cabinet along with some chips, utensils and complimentary tea and coffee.

Our room has a big closet where a safety deposit box is placed along with laundry bin, emergency flashlight and extra pillows.

Now, let’s see the bathroom. It is evident that the hotel is a bit old because I saw some cracks on the wooden part of the sink. But it didn’t really matter because the more important thing is that they have managed to maintain its cleanliness. There is a phone extension inside the bathroom. And I appreciate that there are enough hooks to hang our towels and clothes.

Basic toiletries were also provided.

This is my favorite part of the bathroom! I love hotel rooms with bath tubs. I think I used this thrice during our stay. My muscles were sore so a dip in hot water helped me calmed my nerves. Wala rin kasing swimming pool kaya dito na lang ako naglublob. =))

If there is one improvement that I could suggest to the management of Richmonde Hotel is the installation of bidets. Call me maarte, but a bidet is a necessity especially in hotels. If establishments can’t install bidets, a pail and dipper must be within reach.

From usapang bidets, let’s talk about our sumptuous dinner! Nyahaha! Because we were both too lazy to look for a place to eat, we opted to try out the hotel’s room service. Our dinner was served just a few minutes after placing our orders. Hubby had their Mixed Seafood Sinigang. I opted to have something light since I was still full from our late lunch so I tried Richmonde Salad.

Hubby enjoyed his sinigang. I love that I could taste the freshness of the seafood, and the vegetables aren’t soggy. I promised myself that I’d stick with my salad, but the sinigang was calling my name! I could not stop sipping the very delicious soup.
dinner Mixed Seafood Sinigang PHP365
Richmonde Salad PHP290

The Mixed Seafood Sinigang didn’t deter me from consuming my own plate of Richmonde Salad. Ow-Em-Geeee!!! This salad is to die for! Some salads are just overloaded with lettuce, but this wasn’t the case for Richmonde Salad. It’s packed with ripe mangoes, chicken and shrimps. I love the sweetness brought by the ripe mangoes and those red stuff you see on the picture, which I think is dried tomatoes. Aside from that, I love the additional flavors and crunch brought by the cashew nuts. The lemon vinaigrette is very yummy! I can put ten exclamation points in my prior statement, but it would not be enough to emphasize how much I fell in love with the sweet and tangy taste of the vinaigrette! Even my husband who hates salads liked it.

The breakfast buffet spread was a bit limited. But I specifically remember the cheese and cold cuts sections!!! Since I wasn’t impressed with the viands, I was able to try a few pieces of cold cuts and a couple of slices of different kinds of cheese. I never imagined that I’d like both, but I did! But the one thing that stood out the most was the bread section. I love the freshly-baked breads. I didn’t need to toast or reheat the breads to enjoy its goodness. I tried almost every kind of bread from the buffet table. Hihi.

Overall, Boyet and I enjoyed our stay in Richmonde Hotel. It gave us what we came there for – pure relaxation! Thank you, Richmonde Hotel! Mr. and Mrs. Andrade had a great time! =)

DSC_0156Para lang kaming flavors ng Halls 'no?! :p

Richmonde Hotel
21 San Miguel Ave.
Ortigas Center
Pasig City

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