Cheese Overload at Solaire Resort & Casino

Joie had been trying to convince us to go with her to Solaire. Right after her first visit, she would always find a way to inject Solaire-related topics into our conversation. So when we were trying to kill time after a short weekend staycation a couple of weeks ago, she suggested to bring us to Solaire.

Because she is already a member, she is eligible to refer us for membership. In return, she was entitled to a PHP200-worth of food voucher for each member she refers. She was able to convince Boyet and I to become members so we split the PHP400-worth of food voucher. Free membership naman kasi. Kung may membership fee, asa sila! :p

Anyway, Joie was our tour guide that day. Before splurging our hard-earned money in card games and slot machines, she led us to Solaire’s food court. Nyaha! We were all still full from the hotel’s buffet breakfast so all of us decided to simply have a light late lunch. Joie was raving Solaire’s cheesy fries and nachos so we made sure to give both a try. Two lovebirds eating cheesy fries and nachos made it a keso afternoon indeed. :p

The basket of nachos was the bomb! This fiery snack is oozing with cheese and toppings. I am willing to go back to Solaire just for this. Boyet had rice and roasted chicken. Jeff and Joie shared a bowl of hot ramen. And I refused to stop munching both the cheesy fries and nachos! I love that they did not scrimp the cheese sauce. Some cheesy fries only have half of it coated in cheese so you usually end up with plain French fries at the bottom.

That ends our first visit at Solaire. Yes, kumain lang kami ni Mr. Kolokoy! =)) Being the kuripot married couple that we are, we made sure to stick with the budget. We watched as Jeff and Joie made bets while I made sure that Boyet only gets to spend PHP100 on the slot machines! =)) 

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