Book Review: Icon of the Indecisive by Mina Esguerra

Once in a bookworm’s life, there will be a book series which will make him/her ask for more. I have read countless of book series which made me say, “Ugh! The author should have ended it in book 1!” But such is not the case with the Interim Goddess of Love trilogy.

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The cliffhanger in Queen of the Clueless (IGoL #2) made me immediately jump to Icon of the Indecisive. I initially got confused with most parts of the first two books since Mina used flashbacks and Hannah’s dreams in conveying the story. But she has managed to answer all my questions and tie up all the loose ends at the end of book 3. I finally understood Vida’s intentions. And I would have never guessed her connection with Neil and the Original Goddess. I love that there is a short story at the end of the book which talks about the history of the main characters. It’s like reading a prequel at the end of the series.

I mentioned before that I was initially torn between Robbie and Quin, and then I somehow got to love Diego in book 2. Because of this, I love how Mina managed to create a piece of happy ending for everybody. It actually made me think whether free will takes precedence over destiny and vice versa. Who would have thought that a book about love and mythology can give my brain some mental exercise? Mina is actually very clever in plotting the ending of this series. It’s like a win-win scenario for Team Robbie, Team Quin and Team Diego. At least that’s how I see it. Hihi.

And just like in the first two books, I also got the same dose of kilig with this one. Imagine being surrounded by two handsome gods and a cute human being! Ikaw na talaga, Hannah! Ikaw na! After reading the Interim Goddess of Love trilogy, I hated myself for not reading Mina Esguerra’s books sooner. And as I flipped through the last page of this book, I wanted to scream, “Please let there be a fourth book!!!” =))

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