Throwback Thursday: Baguio

I consider my trip to Baguio as my first “major” trip. I was a sickly child and motion sickness would always kick in when I travel so I don’t really have any recollections of a trip with the same caliber as my Baguio trip. Batangas, Laguna and Bulacan were the first places outside Metro Manila that I have been to. Madalas, field trips pa! When I first went to Tagaytay for a field trip when I was a senior in high school, it was being hit by a typhoon. It was so foggy so we had no other choice but to stay inside the bus and watch TV. When I first went to Subic with my family that same year, I kept on throwing up inside the car! At a very young age, natanggap ko na hindi ako para sa paglalakwatsa. Natanggap ko na rin na medyo may kamalasan ako! :p

But God blessed me with carefree friends, who just like me, wanted to start traveling. The IT industry can drain the rest of you so traveling was one of our outlets. We started with baby steps by coming up with DIY trips which did not require us to fly. On February 2009, my friends and I experienced the Panagbenga Festival for the first time. Most of us were also first-timers in Baguio. Baguio can get really crowded especially when you come there for the Panagbenga. We spent days walking, eating, watching parades, eating, walking, eating  and walking! Looking at these old photos made me miss Baguio. But it made me miss the company even more. Tissue please! Bwisit na Throwback Thursday ‘to. Bakit ang lungkot?!

Anyway, let me post my favorite photos from our trip. If you want to read the rest of our Baguio adventures, click here. Please don’t expect high-resolution photos. Wala pa akong pera pambili ng DSLR that time. :p

These were taken inside the Bell House. Who would have thought that Jeff, the most quiet among us, would think of this concept? Sa unang tingin, iisipin ng iba na si Boyet ang pasimuno. Pero si Jeff talaga!!! ‘Yung asawa ko pasaway! Sabi ulo lang dapat ang kita! Akala mo napakatangkad! :p

 Si Jeff din yata ang nakaisip neto! =))

At eto for sure, si Jeff talaga ang nakaisip! “Je! Je! Picture-an mo ko dali! Katabi ko ‘yung unggoy!” You have no idea how difficult it was for me to stay still while taking this picture because I was laughing really hard. 30 minutes yata akong tawa ng tawa dahil dito!

Pero eto, idea na yata ‘to ni Boyet! Nadamay lang si Jeff. :p

At malamang, eto rin?!

When we went to PMA, we were too shy to ask for the cadets to pose with us. We thought that they would be reprimanded if they do so. Kaya si Joie, para-paraan!

E pwede naman pala?! :p

These photos are just few of the many happy memories that I brought with me when I came back to Manila. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture my favorite memory. So ikukwento ko na lang. We were having lunch when Boyet excused himself to go to the restroom. The waiter told him that the restroom is located outside the restaurant. After a few minutes, we saw Boyet walking towards us while making his usual ang-pogi-pogi-ko-talaga moves!







Naisip niyang mag-iwan ng face print sa salamin ng restaurant! Pauwi na nga naman kami so dapat may souvenir ang Baguio from him! HAHAHAHA!!! Sinisi pa niya ‘yung waiter. Bakit daw sobrang linis ng salamin, hindi niya tuloy nakita! Nyahaha!!!

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  1. Wala ako dyan!!! SAD! At alam ko na sasabihin mo.. oo na! Drawing kasi ako! Nyahahahaha


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