Book Review: Queen of the Clueless by Mina Esguerra

And so the story of the Interim Goddess of Love continues. After swiftly finishing the first installment of the trilogy, I immediately started reading Queen of the Clueless as soon as I got it.

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In the first book, the hottest guy in school who also happens to be the God of Sun in human form, asked Hannah to temporarily take the place of the Goddess of Love who went MIA. After the success of her first “task”, Hannah gets torn between being the Goddess of Love and the faithful best friend to Sol. Neil, Sol’s boyfriend, has a dark secret which alarmed the gods and created chaos in school.

Though I feel that there are less kilig moments in Queen of the Clueless compared with IGoL, I still enjoyed it as much as I did with the first book. The story has gotten deeper with some questions from the first book being answered, and more questions that would definitely make readers look forward to the third book. It’s nice that Mina is finally giving juicy bits of details as to why the gods are behaving the way they do.

I love the idea that Hannah is more of a best friend here than the Interim Goddess of Love. If the same thing happens to my best friend, I would undeniably do the same. I could very much relate to Sol and Hannah’s friendship while reading it, especially their Valentine’s Day movie date which my BFFs and I used to do when we were still in college.

When I said that this book has less kilig moments, I didn’t mean that it didn’t make me kilig at all. (Bakit kasi walang direct English translation ang KILIG?!) The battle among Team Quin, Team Robbie and Team Diego still continues. In the first book, I could not understand why some girls are in Team Diego. I was initially torn between Quin and Robbie, but this book explained why Diego deserves a “team”. What’s nice about this series is how the author makes Hannah torn among three boys without making her look like a slu*. Dalagang Pilipina si ate! Dalagang Pilipina na ang haba ng hair… kasing haba ng SLEX! :p Teehee! =)

Mina ended Queen of the Clueless with a bang! That cliffhanger gave me more questions than answers. What happened to (insert name of character)? Will (insert name of character) finally have his happy ending? So that was why (insert name of character) gave something like that to (insert name of character)! But of course, I am not complaining. I love it when a book makes me think. And aside from that, this book made me crave for more. =)

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