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My idea of ending a very stressful week is spending it with my husband over a scrumptious feast. That was what we did one Friday night when we decided to have a spontaneous dinner date. We were supposed to scout BGC and look for a good place to eat. But my brother needed a ride to Makati so we decided to scrap off our initial plan.

The huge crowd at Ayala Triangle on a Friday night is a usual sight. It is nearly impossible to get decent seats in most of the restaurants there. We abandoned the idea and decided to check out Old Swiss Inn which is just across the street. Unfortunately, a staff member told us that they were already fully-booked when we told her that we didn’t have a reservation. That was really weird because there were only around 10 people inside the restaurant. We had no other choice but to go back to Ayala Triangle. Choosing a place to eat was an arduous task because I have already tried most of the restaurants there. After a long debate and a confirmation from one of the staff member that they still had available seats for two, we settled in at MoMo. We first visited its Robinsons Manila branch years ago. Unfortunately, it ceased its operations.

DSC_0130 Complimentary Bread + Spread

We were ushered by a staff member to the second floor of the restaurant. The area is a bit small, but it can probably house around 20 people. Boyet and I both enjoyed our first encounter with MoMo. That made us confident that whatever food we choose would surely turn out delicious. Our favorite complimentary bread and cheese pimiento spread did not disappoint. It’s as enjoyable as the first time we had it. =)

I had heavy lunch (heavy as in with ice cream and cake pa!!!) a couple of hours ago because two of my teammates celebrated their birthdays. I wanted to have something light for dinner to balance out all the fats and sugar I had for the day. I settled with The MoMo! Gourmet.

DSC_0133 The MoMo! Gourmet PHP295

My mouth watered by merely reading the description of The MoMo! Gourmet. “Roasted garlic, Shitake mushrooms, candied walnuts, fresh white cheese, raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette, arugula, mixed greens, sliced oranges and hard boiled egg.”

Restaurants often serve salads overloaded with lettuce. In other words, puro lettuce lang. Nyaha! But such is not the case for this one. There was a generous amount of everything that was mentioned on the menu. The addition of the grapes (which was not on the menu, hehe may bonus pa) and the sliced oranges made the salad more refreshing. I was initially intrigued with the candied walnuts because it was my first time to try it. This is actually a better idea compared with simply putting the traditional nuts because it added a hint of sweetness to the salad. I loved the raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette for giving the salad a fruity flavor. This particular salad is light yet very filling. Even my husband who does not usually eat salads enjoyed it!

I think I have already mentioned countless of times before that my husband loves carbonara. He didn’t think twice when he saw it on the menu.

DSC_0144 Crispy Bacon “Carbonara” Linguine PHP295

The dish is pretty straightforward. With the usual components of carbonara, I was surprised that this simple pasta dish exceeded our expectations. It’s creamy and savory but not overpowering. This is one of the best we have ever tasted. My mom will probably disown me, but this carbonara is better than her version. Hihi!

Initially, I could not decide whether I would behave for the night and have salad for dinner, or sink my teeth into something as indulgent as a juicy burger. I was already happy with my salad. But Boyet decided to get some burger sliders too! Basag trip sa diet-diet-an ko e! Anyway, I was immediately mesmerized when this was served on our table.

DSC_0148 A Trio of Burger “Sliders” PHP295

Three burger sliders were served with fries and coleslaw. I really love fries that are thickly-cut. This reminded me of KFC’s fries, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

The three sliders have chili beef, roasted mushroom, lettuce, onion and crispy bacon. The burger patties were perfectly-cooked. The chili beef pumped up my taste buds. It’s a nice twist because I usually put hot sauce or chili flakes on my burger.

I loved that I could hold the slider in one hand and not make a mess out of eating it. I kept on mumbling a lot of ooohhhh and aahhhhh while I allowed to spoil myself through these sinful treats.

MoMo! Cafe
Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Ayala Ave., Makati

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  1. Wah, hindi ko pa nga nakakainan yung Rob Manila branch ng MoMo!, sarado na pala? Haha. The food looks good, hope we could visit Ayala Triangle again as I've only eaten at the Bon Chon branch there. :)


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