Ask the Kolokoys: Launching Boyet’s Blogging Career

I somehow feel that my husband has managed to come up with a fan base with the help of this blog. He has always been the Mr. Congeniality type of guy. But this blog has helped him show a few of my readers of his… uhm… awesomeness?! Or whatever it is that makes him so “lovable” to some of my readers. There were a few times when he would pick me up from work, and then some random stranger would give him a strange stare. And then the following day, one of my officemates (who is just a random stranger to my husband) would tell me that he saw Boyet waiting for me. How did you know it’s my husband?! Duh! Kolokoy Household?! Nyahaha!!!

Then I realized that my readers who haven’t met Boyet only know him based from the blog entries I write about him. So one day, I asked him if he wanted to write something for my blog. He immediately declined. Hindi na siya nag-isip, NO na agad. Akala mo kung sinong in demand si mokong! :p

Then a few weeks ago, I was thinking of more ways to reach out to my readers. Dati kasi 5 lang sila. Ngayon yata, 20+ na rin. Nyaha! =)) I want my readers to be more engaged with my blog (and me too, hehe). Though I know that a lot of my readers love my food and travel posts, I noticed that I hear more from them when my entries are a bit more personal. That is why I came up with Kolokoy Household, Throwback Thursday and Top 10 posts. I also notice that people have actually started asking me questions. It is very flattering for people to value my opinions. Yet it’s also a bit scary for it only means that I have to take this blogging stint a little more seriously. Anyway, I came up with an idea. I told Boyet about it. I was surprised that he agreed to do it with me! A sudden change of heart?! But, he agreed so who am I to complain?

So, here it goes. I’m giving my readers the chance to ask me a question. I will give answers in the best of my capacity. And Boyet will do the same, just so you can have the perspective of a guy. Teeeheee!

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But before we start this, let’s have some guidelines.

1. Please don’t ask personal questions. Hindi kami artista. Nyahaha! You may ask questions about our marriage or our life in general. But if we feel that the question is a bit too personal and we don’t want to divulge details, it’s up to us to limit our answers. We’ll probably answer the question but the extent of giving up personal details will still be on our discretion.

2. Please don’t expect the answers immediately. We still have our day jobs to keep. And writing is not one of my husband’s strengths, so it may actually take us some time to get back to you. :p

3. Please don’t blame us if our answers didn’t do you any good. If you ask for our help, you still have that thing called “free will” so it’s still up to you if you opt to follow it or not. If it didn’t work out the way you expected, please don’t blame us. Some things just don’t go out the way we wanted them to be. But of course, be rest assured that we’ll give you decent and well thought of answers. I just can’t promise you the same about my husband. :p

4.  Look at the “Connect with Me” portion at the left side of this blog and choose your avenue to send in your questions. If you want to retain your anonymity, please let me know. Or better yet, use a pseudonym or an alias para hindi naman lahat anonymous. People may think na imbento ko ang questions kung puro kayo anonymous. :p

5. Please know that we can be trusted. So trust us. I treat my readers as my friends. And we will not give advices that would hurt our friends. But then again, if it didn’t work out, please refer to #3. Nyahaha! :p

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