Triple Celebration at Vikings

Our family was supposed to go to Tagaytay last May to celebrate three consecutive occasions: Zoe’s birthday (May 26), Mama’s birthday (May 27) and Hazel and Carlo’s wedding anniversary (May 28). But due to time constraints, we just decided to have dinner at Vikings.

If you’re expecting this post to have photos of the buffet spread at Vikings, you’ll just be disappointed. And if you think that I’ll be doing a review of their food, then you’re definitely mistaken. =)) More than the food, I want to document the time we spent together as a family. Something like this does not happen very often.

We traveled from Taguig to Vikings on a Monday night. I know it was a suicide mission, but my bratty mother insisted that we go on her birthday. Ang diva, grabe! :p Anyway, I immediately ate when we arrived so I wasn’t able to take photos prior to dinner. I promised myself that I’d do it after, but I got too full to even raise a finger. Don’t worry, I have a couple of food shots. ‘Yung plato ko nga lang! :))

While everybody was busy eating, our little Zoe was also munching on something while watching Pororo. This is her version of eat-all-you-can!
DSC_1719Zoe’s dinner: gummy candies and the table! :p

Vikings was really crowded considering that we were there on a Monday night. Fortunately, we were seated at the end of the restaurant which was a bit secluded from the crowd. At least we had some time to catch up. And we all got the chance to play with Zoe!

DSC_1729Gigil Pose


rAling Zoe and Tita Ninang Je ^_^

DSC_1731Gigil daw e. Kaso, ako lang sumunod! :p


DSC_1735 Zoe and Mama

Since it was my mom’s birthday, I didn’t have to pay for her dinner. She also got a complimentary cake from Vikings. The waiter also told her that some of their staff members will approach our table to sing for her. When she noticed that the singers have started going around, she tried to come up with an escape plan by asking my dad if they could go outside and checkout the seaside. I told her that if the singers arrive and she’s not at the table, she had to pay for the dinner! E naniwala?! I’m such a bully! =))


After a few minutes, a group of men approached our table, put a hat on mom’s head and started singing Happy Birthday!

Now, here’s the interesting part! I hope you have reached this far. :p

The singers asked my mom if she wants to request for another song. In the above photo, she was asking my dad what song to request.

When my mom is happy with the service, she gets REALLY generous in giving a tip!

Me: Magkano binigay mo?
Mama: 500.
Me: 500???????? E parang binayaran mo na rin ‘yung kinain mo.
Hazel: Dapat pala kami na lang ni Ate ‘yung kumanta. Next year, dala tayong tarpaulin para kay Tita.

But wait, there’s more! She gave two waiters PHP100/each! O di ba? Binayaran nya lang ‘yung kinain nya?! Hahaha! In fairness naman kasi, alagang-alaga kami ng staff. Siguro kasi naghuhumiyaw ang Lacoste shirt ng parents ko?! :p

Ironically, we didn’t have the chance to do something like this when we were still neighbors. Now that the family is getting bigger, it’s nice that we still get the chance to celebrate as a family. Sorry, ang senti ko! Bwahahaha! :p

Now let’s go back to my mom’s generosity. I honestly think that she got really happy because of the second song. See for yourself! =))


  1. Happy birthday kay Tita!! And kay baby Zoe na din! :)

  2. Gusto ko mag vikings gutom ako ngayon haha!

  3. Waaaa! Nakaka gigil si Zoe! Ang kyoooT! Pwedeng papisil?! Gigiiil!

    Looks like y'all had fun! Iba talaga pag family ang kasama. Belated Happy bday to your mom and cutey pie Zoe, and happy 2nd aniv to you and Fafa B!


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