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Because my husband and I are working on a very tight budget, we agreed that we would not be giving gifts on our second wedding anniversary. We were supposed to go to Malaysia so we thought of considering the trip as our gift for each other. But with some twists of fate, the trip didn’t push through. I broke my promise thinking that our deal is already invalid because we didn’t make it to Malaysia. I didn’t expect that he’d do the same.

I think my husband and I have the same wavelengths because we had the same idea of giving gifts based from our NEEDS instead of our WANTS. I wanted to give him either another set of Lego or the complete set of Narnia books. But instead, I gave him a couple of shirts and some other stuff from Cotton On. A few days before our anniversary, I told him not to give me more books because I still have a lot of unread books on my shelf, and storage has started to be a problem for us since we’re still staying at my parents’ house. Plus, he already gave me books on our first wedding anniversary. I really thought that he would give me books, so when I opened his gift for me (which comes with a one-stem blue rose, because I'm not the biggest fan of big bouquets of flowers), I was so delighted to see this sling bag from Fab Manila!

The black sling bag that I “borrowed” from my mom (which she later on willingly gave me), is about to retire really soon. I know that a black bag is essential. But I wanted to have something more girly. I have been looking for another sling bag, but nothing appealed to my taste. My husband is really not good at buying girly stuff that’s why he always stays on the safe side by giving me books. When I told him that I really liked it plus the validation of my super pintasera mom, he really took pride in his choice! My mom said, “In fairness ‘yung asawa mo, tumama for the first time!” Hahaha!

With pink and white polka dots, the bag’s inside is just as chic as outside. It has two divider pockets which perfectly house my mobile phone and kikay stuff.

I haven’t heard of Fab Manila so I had to make sure that my husband didn’t spend a fortune for this bag. Unlike other girls, I don’t like getting expensive gifts. Busog na busog na kasi ako sa pagmamahal ni Boyet, kaya bonus na lang ang gifts. Char! :p Seriously, if he gave me a Tory Burch or a Louis Vuitton, I’d sell it and use the money to go on a trip… alone! =)) Anyway, he assured me that it’s very affordable. And knowing my husband, I know he’s telling the truth! :p

I love this bag! It’s lightweight, functional and very stylish. Plus, it’s soooo pink! Teehee!

P.S. Don’t expect me to post my gift to my husband. He didn’t allow me to post them on my blog. Just to give you a hint, the “other stuff” I’m referring to is a basic human need. I bought four of it, one of it matches the color of this bag! :p


  1. Ay! I love the bag!!! It's roomy. In fairness kay Boyet ah! Pakisabi proud na ko sa kanya!!! :) Hahahaha!

  2. ako nag suggest dyan sya tumingin ng gift for you masingil nga ang fab manila ng gc para sa endorsement ko hahahaha


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