Where To Go in Bicol: Lignon Hill

Hotel St. Ellis took charge in getting us a cab for our trip to the Cagsawa Ruins. We were charged PHP400 for a two-way ride. We thought of just commuting, but after what happened to us the night before, we got too scared to miss our flight back to Manila. We were supposed to go to Lignon Hill on our second day after our trip to Donsol. We missed the last Donsol to Legazpi van so we were forced to endure more than an hour of jeepney ride. When we reached Legazpi, the sun was still up so we decided to go to Lignon Hill. If you have been to Bicol, you probably experienced how jeepneys stop for a few minutes, in what I supposed are designated jeepney stops, to get passengers. But the jeepney driver who was supposed to bring us to Lignon Hill was driving at 0.0000001 kph! Even the other locals who were with us got so agitated. An old lady who was holding a box of cake from Graceland kept on whispering that she was already late for the party. Gustung-gusto kong sumigaw ng “Kuya, dapat sa funenaria ka yata nag-apply na driver?!”

By the time we arrived at the foot of Lignon Hill, it was already dark. We asked two teenage girls where Lignon Hill is. They pointed upward. We asked how to get there. They told us that we had to walk. Patay! :(

Me: Nalalakad ba?
Girl: Opo, naglalakad lang po mga nagpupunta dito.

And so we walked. And we walked some more. By the time we arrived at the hill, we were already too exhausted, only to find out that we could not see anything at night. HAHAHA! Epic fail! Kinulang sa research. Kung pwede lang gumulong pababa, ginawa na namin. @_@

Fast forward the next day. To avoid the same mishaps, I asked the cab driver if he could also take us to Lignon Hill.

Driver: Sige po.
Me: Magkano po?
Driver: 1200 po.
Me: 400 ‘yung hotel-Cagsawa-hotel. Tapos naging 1200?
Driver: O sige 1100.
Me: 800!
Driver: (kamot ulo) O sige, 1000.
Me: Ang mahal naman. Sige po, thank you na lang.
Driver: O sige na nga, 800.

Gusto ko nga sana 600 kaso baka 'di naman makatao! =)) But it was actually a good decision since we didn’t have to walk up the hill.

In Lignon Hill, guests can have a glimpse of the beautiful Mayon Volcano from a different perspective. The park has coin-operated binoculars for those who want to see a more “detailed” view of the volcano. Make sure you don’t miss this if you plan of going to Bicol.

They offer different extreme activities. We wanted to try the ATV ride around Mayon. But due to lack of time (Joie and I agreed that this was our most unorganized trip) and budget, we weren’t able to do so. We wanted to try the zipline, but it was undergoing some maintenance works. Talk about MALAS?! :p

Lignon Hill also gives a bird’s-eye view of the city. How I wish we could just zipline to the airport. :p

Because we had nothing else to do, picture picture na lang! :p

When we were about to leave, Mayon Volcano looked like this!
DSC_0925 Laro tayo, taguan ng bulkan?!

The clouds have totally blocked our view of Mayon. Hiyang-hiya naman ang Taal Volcano sa itsura niya ‘no?! :p

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