Throwback Thursday: The Musically Inclined Member of the Family

… is definitely not me!

My younger brother has a good singing voice. He can play the guitar and the drums. He does everything so well. And to make things look better for my brother’s ego, he didn’t attend a single voice, guitar or drums lesson. He learned it all by himself.

So what was I doing in front of the keyboard in the company of Garfield and Leonardo? Well, I asked my mother if I could enroll in taekwondo lessons. She was generous enough to buy me a keyboard and enrolled me at Yamaha! Bata pa lang ako, panira na ng trip nanay ko e. :p

I enjoyed it at first. I’d go to Yamaha in Harrison Plaza once a week after school. This was the time when malls are scarce so a trip to HP was already a luxury for me. I felt cool at first. I was the only girl in the class who can play an instrument. But later on, I lost interest. I felt that it wasn’t really for me. My instructor said that I could pick up well. I was actually able to play a few pieces decently. But everything just came from my mind. I purely worked based from the techniques that were taught to me. I didn’t have one important thing, and that is an EAR for music. Suffice to say, I quit. I don’t think I have a single musical gene in my body. :p

P.S. Favorite shorts ko 'yang suot ko! =))

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