Restaurant Review: Clawdaddy at Bonifacio High Street

A few weeks ago, my doctor decided to see me right away because some of the scheduled patients hadn’t shown up. It was still too early for Boyet and I to go to our staycation date with our friends so we decided to roam around and grab some lunch. After almost two years since we first went together at Bonifacio High Street, I asked him if we could go back. I wanted to check out Fully Booked, the same place we had our pre-nuptial pictorial, but to buy some books this time. Fully Booked has always been my happy place, but I felt that I needed to make my tummy happy too. Since we were sort of reminiscing our first time at BHS, I asked Boyet if he wanted to go back to Clawdaddy. Two years ago after hours of makeup and non-stop smiling in front of the lens, Clawdaddy opened its arms to us for the first time.

The sight was consistent with the vibe of BHS in the morning – quiet and not too busy. It was the same case inside the restaurant. I think we were the only (and probably the first) guests inside. An NBA game was being shown so my husband pleaded that we eat at the adjacent room. Unfortunately, the lights were so dim. Sorry for the poor photos. I hate using flash, but I had no other choice. =(

DSC_1453 Complimentary Corn Bread

First to arrive on our table were two slices of complimentary corn bread. I immediately attacked my share since I was really starving. I am not saying this only because I was hungry when I had it, but Clawdaddy’s corn bread is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It is the best free corn bread! I even ate half of my husband’s share! =))

My husband’s meal is not complete without a bowl of hot soup. There were only two choices at Clawdaddy so he settled with the clam chowder.

DSC_1460 Boston Clam Chowder PHP165

The soup has the right consistency. We both loved its creamy texture. There was a generous amount of clams in the soup too. The crispy bacon bits added not just texture but also a hint of saltiness. Each time I eat a soup like this, I make sure to scoop a little bit harder so that small pieces of the bread comes along with my soup. Teehee!

We had a hard time choosing what to get for lunch. I wanted to have pasta and salad. Boyet wanted something else. We were worried about the leftovers if we proceed with our plan so we just decided to get one dish for us to share. When the waitress told us that the platter is already good for 3-4 persons, Boyet sealed the deal. Madali naman kaming kausap! :p

DSC_1467 Fried Fisherman’s Platter PHP865

I didn’t get rice so I was eating everything on this plate non-stop! The first thing I tried was the onion rings. Clawdaddy has managed to give me the kind of onion rings that I like – crispy! I could still get a decent bite of the onions inside the batter unlike other onion rings that are soggy. The platter also has beer-battered fish fillet, calamari, shrimp popcorns and fries.

Three dips are provided – vinegar, cocktail and tartar sauce. The tartar sauce was superb! I was literally licking my fork to get off every hint of the tartar sauce. I thought that the red sauce was just some boring ketchup. I tried it not knowing that my tongue would be caught unaware for a big surprise! It’s not some plain, boring ketchup. I tried to figure out what was in it which enhanced its tanginess. Then after a few minutes, I figured that it must be wasabi. I don’t like wasabi. I hate it. But this bloody dip changed my mind.

Bonifacio High Street

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  1. I loved their clam chowder. I was extremely stuffed when I ate the whole bread bowl. Haha! And I am happy for your new outlook on Wasabi. :D


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