Restaurant Review: IHOP Philippines

I got so excited when the news broke out late last year that IHOP would be coming to Manila because it reminds me so much of my second home – Minnesota. When its first branch in BGC opened early this year, I came up with a plan. I’ll bring Boyet, Jeff and Joie with me so they can also experience the joy I felt when I first went to IHOP. I told them that we’d go on the second week because going on its first week of operation is suicidal. But when I read blogs that people have to wait in line for two grueling hours, I decided to drop the idea. Nakapag-IHOP naman na ako sa US! :p ‘Yung J.CO nga, tinatawanan ko ‘yung mga pumipila! :p

A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied by teammate to The Face Shop at High Street. We then saw that there were no lines in front of IHOP. So when I was scheduled to have a medical appointment on a weekday, I asked Boyet if we could check out IHOP. I told him that we would walk away if there is a single soul lining in front of the restaurant. Fortunately, the guard let us in right away. Alam mo ‘yung feeling na, “Belat sa mga pumila ng 2 hours!” HAHAHA! Effortless ang pagpasok ko sa IHOP! :p

The seats at the first level of IHOP are limited so a staff member directed us to the second level. The first thing I noticed is the very high flight of stairs. Is this a trick so you’ll get hungrier and eat more pancakes?! :p
DSC_1392 New York Cheesecake Pancakes

I decided to have IHOP’s Pick-A-Pancake Combo. This comes with two pancakes served with two eggs, hash browns and two bacon strips or two sausage links. Since I only tried the classic pancakes when I was in the US, I opted to be more adventurous. I could not decide what flavor to get so the very helpful waitress assigned to our table suggested New York Cheesecake.

These two fluffy pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with strawberries and whipped cream brought us to pancake heaven. It seemed like I didn’t have enough strawberries so I poured a generous amount of the strawberry syrup! Hahaha. Galit ako sa strawberries! :p

DSC_1386I think the Blueberry syrup is missing from our table! :p

I had scrambled eggs, but you may request to have them cooked sunny side up. The waitress saw that I wanted to have both the bacon and the sausage so she told me that I could have 1 bacon strip and 1 sausage. I think they use Johnsonville sausages. This made me extremely happy. But I would have been happier if they serve 4 bacon strips or 4 sausage links just like in the US. :p

DSC_1409 Pick-A-Pancake Combo PHP385

Our server informed us that Colorado Omelette was their Specialty of the Day. Boyet and I agreed to give this a try.

The menu says that it is a meat lover’s delight. IHOP is definitely not lying! It has shredded beef, ham, bacon and sausage bits! To lessen the guilt, it also has bell peppers, onions and cheese. It also comes with a salsa on the side. Boyet and I could not stop saying how much we like it. The salsa is definitely a good addition. You know me. I don’t tell lies especially if we’re talking about food. So when you get the chance to go to IHOP, don’t you dare miss this!

DSC_1401 Colorado Omelette PHP325

Just like the Pick-A-Pancake Combo, the Colorado Omelette is served with two pancakes. Boyet suggested we try the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes. No, this is not a typographical error. One Chocolate in its name is considered an injustice.

DSC_1394 Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate batter with chocolate chips and then topped with more chocolate chips. Now you know why it’s called Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I’ve tried making my own chocolate chip pancakes at home. Mine is good, but IHOP’s is way better. I raise my white flag.

Since we knew that our first IHOP experience was because of pure luck, we thought that the same chance will not come to us again soon. Because of this, we decided to go all out that day.

Hubby decided to have Splashberry - strawberries, lemon-lime soda and orange juice. The Splashberry is very refreshing. This is perfect to combat Manila heat. And it looks really good with the combination of the yellow orange color on top and bloody red on the bottom of the glass. I could not help myself in sipping my husband’s drink. He got disappointed when it disappeared in an instant. Fortunately, the waitress told us that it is refillable!

DSC_1417 Splashberry PHP175

We didn’t stop with the New York Cheesecake Pancakes and Splashberry as I decided to get a strawberry milkshake. I’ve been craving for this for such a long time. I gave my milkshake a quick stir to mix the syrup and whipped cream. I am not overreacting. But my first sip made me feel like a seven-year old girl, in a pigtail wearing a colorful Sunday dress, brought to a faraway land made of cotton candy, chocolate and candy canes! I’m serious. It made me really happy! :p

DSC_1420 Strawberry Milkshake PHP175

After our visit, I didn’t have lunch and afternoon snacks. I couldn’t. I was in food coma!

So you’re probably wondering whether my trip to IHOP was worth it. Given that it only took me five seconds to get inside, yes. But if I had to fall in line for two hours, that’s another story. Thanks, but no thanks. I feel bad for people, especially those bloggers who anticipated the opening of IHOP in the Philippines who didn’t enjoy their IHOP experience because of long lines. Good thing I waited for months and didn’t join the craze. But with the long queue out of the equation, IHOP is undoubtedly a happy place! :)

IHOP (International House of Pancakes)
W Global Center,
30th St. corner 9th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City,
The Fort, Taguig City


  1. Je! I want to go here. Good thing lines are already gone. Been waiting for this. Probably next week, sabay sa opening ng Aura :)

  2. Gusto ko rin dyan, hopefully one of these days makapunta kami ng asawa ko! But you're one lucky girl pa rin coz you've experienced dining in their US branch. :)

  3. Yummy the food looks delicious! I am hungry right now haha



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