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I know what you’re thinking! Why on Earth am I posting a supplier review barely 2 years after my wedding? Let’s just call it a “senior citizen” moment. I totally forgot about this. If not for a blog post that I read recently, I wouldn’t have thought of doing this. :| There is a rich story behind my wedding shoes, so rich that it took me two years to tell you. :p

Shopping for my wedding shoes was one of the hardest parts of our wedding preparations. Trimming down our guest list was actually easier than searching for the perfect shoes. First, I don’t like wearing high-heeled shoes. I wanted to wear my Chucks or a glamorous pair of flat shoes on my wedding day, but this was frowned upon by my mom and my then husband-to-be. They told me that they fully understand that it is MY day, but they asked me to reassess my decision. The inclusion of black in our wedding is already extreme enough. They also told me that it would just be one day. But for me, it’s one effin’ day! I was about to unleash the rebel in me, but my wedding gown designer made me change my mind. She told me that she did everything so that I would look taller in my wedding gown so she needed all the help she could get from my end. Honga naman! :p

Second, my shoes were actually part of the “negotiable” items for our wedding. We already splurged on church, food and photographer. I was thinking of making my wedding shoes as my SOMETHING OLD if I only had a pair of comfortable high-heeled shoes. And lastly, I knew that my wedding shoes would probably be worn just ONCE (at matatakpan pa ng gown), and that it would just collect dust on my shoe rack. Because of these, looking for my wedding shoes topped my “Least Favorite Wedding To-Do List”.

If I remember it correctly, I had been to almost all the malls in Metro Manila to search for a good pair of shoes. I only had three criteria. It should not be expensive. It should give me comfort because the last thing I wanted was for me to look awkward on my wedding photos because my shoes were hurting me. Lastly, being the clumsiest girl in the universe, the shoes should not make me trip. For weeks, I had these three in my mind. On different occasions, I went to malls with my mom, Boyet and Joie. And barely two weeks before the wedding, I was still empty-handed. Then one night, Jeff, Joie and Boyet accompanied me to Greenbelt, which then led us to a small shoe store in Glorietta. The brand was so new to me. I remember being so tired, frustrated and desperate at that time that I didn’t have the slightest energy to look through their shelves. It was Joie who handed me this cute wedge.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-0025 Ferretti Shoes

These shoes gave me the best comfort considering that I wore these for more than 8 hours. I didn’t trip so that’s a plus. Nakatakbo pa nga ako! Ang bongga lang! :p Pink and black were the colors of our wedding so a pair of pink shoes was a nice touch. And these only cost me (drum rolls, please) PHP949!!! I even asked the sales lady if it was indeed PHP949. Tinanong ko pa, “Miss, naka-sale ba ‘to?!” And to make things even better, I was able to reuse these cuties. Nyahahaha! Sulit na sulit ang PHP949! Girls actually spend thousands for their wedding shoes. ‘Yung one thousand ko, may sukli pa. If there is just a Guinness World Record for THE MOST INEXPENSIVE WEDDING SHOES, my Ferretti shoes would surely be a candidate!
 Efren Jerellt Wedding-0542
 Photos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

I know that most of you will think that it is too simple to be considered for a wedding. But I want my wedding shoes to reflect my personality. Simple. Walang arte. Pero cute. Nyahahaha!!!

Oh and before I forget, I found out that Ferretti shoes are made in Marikina! Go, Pinoy! Yehba!!! ^_^

Ferretti Shoes
Rating: 5+++/5

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