Product Review: Lovely Me:Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher (02 Coral)

When I had my birthday shopping day with my two girlfriends last January, Joie bought a cushion blusher from The Face Shop. I restrained myself from buying one since I still have my Maybelline blush-on so I settled with getting myself a lipstick instead. Shucks! I’m so dalaga na talaga! =))

Lovely Me:Ex BB cream has been my best friend ever since we met on October last year. For a noob like me, it’s a good product for daily use. Suffice to say, my face is already hiyang with this line. So a couple of weeks ago, I went back to The Face Shop to get myself my own Lovely Me:Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher. I am not an expert, but allow me to tell you how much I love this product.

1. Not that it matters, but it’s cute. I know that it doesn’t really have a bearing, but I like how it looks like as if it belongs to a 16-year old girl. In a sea of cosmetic products, a striking packaging is needed for something as small as this cushion blusher.

2. It’s compact. When I was still using my mineral blush-on, I had to bring it along with the brush. With the cushion blusher, I already have everything I need in that tiny container.
DSC_1305 Cushion Blusher PHP445

3. It’s not messy. Every morning, my husband only gives me 1 hour to prepare to work. It already includes breakfast, preparing our lunch boxes, taking a bath and dressing up. For almost two years, I am failing at this. 60 minutes turn into 90, and sometimes even more. So in my attempt to lessen his waiting time, I go out of the house with my hair uncombed and with nothing on my face except the ever-reliable BB cream. I then finish all the things that I needed to do inside the car. My husband finds amusement in hitting the car brake when I’m doing something on my face! For many times, my powder blush gets thrown at the dashboard. Ganyan niya ako kamahal! But now that I’m using the cushion blusher, he can hit the brake as hard as he wants and I won't give a damn. =))

4. It gives the right amount of “blush”. It’s actually perfect for girls like me who are still not familiar with the technicalities of applying makeup. For morenas like me, I suggest you use the 02 Coral as suggested by the lady who assisted me at The Face Shop. Joie also got the same as per Aubrey’s suggestion. The cushion blusher gives the perfect blush which is light enough for daily use, and not the para-akong-sinapak-ng-pitong-tambay-sa-kanto kind of blush. Hahaha! :p

5. It uses a puff, not a brush. When we first saw this at The Face Shop, Joie immediately compared it to… “’Yung ginagamit sa pwet ng baby!” HAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, even if we use the expensive makeup brushes, odds are our skin can still get irritated because of the bristles. But with the puff, a gentle pat on the cheeks can give us the same glow.

Again, I am not a makeup guru. The reason I bought this is because I know that it suits the needs of beginners like me. So if you like a handy blush that is good for everyday use, then the Lovely Me:Ex Cushion Blusher might be the one for you. :)

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