Movie Review: Iron Man 3

This is not a review from a professional movie critic. Please bear in mind that these are the words of a 29-year old woman who has never read a single Marvel comic book and has a deep admiration for Robert Downey Jr. since his Chances Are days. :p
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Iron Man 3 has been making a lot of online buzz since last week. To say that this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year (next to It Takes a Man and a Woman hahaha) is simply an understatement. Almost everybody I know liked the movie, almost because I have a few friends who said that it is their least favorite Iron Man movie. One even said that he fell asleep because the movie is puro kwento lang. I didn’t let their comments get into my head. I tried my best to watch the movie without any biases.

In the first two installments, Iron Man effortlessly defeats all his opponents. One of the things that I like in Iron Man 3 is how they show the human side of Tony Stark. He struggles as he continues to develop his suits. He fights his past demons. His vulnerabilities have been exposed. He is stripped off of everything he had, all the things that made him THE Tony Stark. With these come the help of Iron Patriot, Happy, the adorable Harley and the lovely Pepper!

Iron Man 3 is undeniably funny. We all love Tony Stark for being witty, naughty and rebellious. But the portrayal of Ben Kingsley as the face of The Mandarin is refreshingly funny! I would laugh all the time he looked so lost (and high) haha! He is so effective in transforming from a heartless terrorist to a clueless junkie. On the other hand, Gwyneth Paltrow is such a darling. She has evolved from that meek assistant into a kickass superhero material. Kilig na kilig ako noong nasa loob siya ng Iron Man suit! Hahaha!!! And when she “resurrected” after being thrown into a fire, ayun ang literal na definition ng HOT! Teh, palit tayo ng abs! =))

Boyet and I stayed until after the end of credits. I am not a Marvel fan but I learned from watching Marvel movies over the years that they have a “signature” after the credits. I literally wanted to close all exit points when almost half of the people inside the theater started leaving even before the credits end. Amateurs! Nyaha! :p

I actually enjoyed the movie. But I would have enjoyed it even more if not for the snoring old guy who was seated beside me. He sleeps on the kwentuhan parts and suddenly wakes up on the action-packed scenes. Talented much ka, Manong! Haha! My husband didn’t like it as much as I did, though. I am not sure if this is because of the gender difference, but all girls I asked liked it while around 25% of the boys I know didn’t. I refuse to believe that Iron Man 3 is a chick flick! =))

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  1. Hindi ko binasa! Bukas palang kami manonood nila Jim! Hahaha!


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