Kolokoy Household: Episode 4

I know that I haven’t been posting a Kolokoy Household entry. It’s not because our house has become boring. It’s because I keep on forgetting to document our blunders. Senior citizen moment. Pagpasensyahan ang aleng malapit nang mag trenta! :p


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When I’m PMSing, my husband is always on the front line catching all the bullets I’m firing. He already knew that I was in a bad mood, but he still dared to piss me off. :p

Mama: Boyet, bumili ka nga ng tinapay.
Boyet: Saan, Ma?
Mama: Sa bakery.
Boyet: Je, merienda?
Je: Spanish Bread.
Boyet: D’yan sa bakery?
Je: Hindi. Sa Spain! Gusto ko ‘yung sa Spain!

Boyet: Sunget!!!


Lately, my husband and I have been discussing again whether I should start pursuing my dreams that I’ve been setting aside because of the bills that we need to pay. I’m starting to get stressed out again so I usually talk to Boyet about it. Most of our conversations are serious except for this one.

Je: Tingin mo, kaya ko magsulat ng libro?
Boyet: Paulit-ulit ko nang sinasabi sa’yo e. Kapag sinabi ko ba ngayon na kaya mo, maniniwala ka ba?
Je: Oo naman! Napaniwala mo nga ako na mahal mo ako e!
Boyet: Sira ulo!


Mama: Willy, basa pa ‘yung sahig ha.
Boyet: Ma, wala po si Papa.
Mama: Saan nagpunta?
Boyet: Nambabae lang po saglit.

Mama: Sabi ko sa Papa mo dati, gawin na niya lahat ‘wag lang mambabae. Papalayasin ko talaga siya.
Boyet: Ganyan din sinabi ni Je sa akin, Ma e.
Je: Sa tingin mo natatakot ako na mambabae ka? Sa ganda ‘kong ‘to mambababae ka pa?
Mama: At sa mukha ni Boyet, makakapambabae pa ba ‘yan? Wala namang papatol sa mukhang ‘yan.


You probably heard by now the female legislator’s discriminate remarks about nurses. This female legislator is running for senate and is known for her early campaigning. Her face is on TV every single freaking commercial gap on all TV networks. My mom was not aware of her uncalled remarks so we told her the whole story.

Mama: Grabe naman ‘yun! Ang bobo.
Je: Oo, nasobrahan yata sa botox!
Mama: Oo. Wala na ngang leeg, wala pang utak!

Now you know where I got my bitchy side! :p

Happy Monday! Enjoy the rest of the week!!! ^_^

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