Breakfast Buffet at Hotel St. Ellis

The PHP3,490/night at Hotel St. Ellis includes complimentary breakfast for 2 people. Because we paid almost double the Ellis Ecotel’s rates, we expected a better breakfast buffet. For starter, we ate in a real and air-conditioned restaurant. Although the morning breeze and the smell of the sea at Ellis Ecotel were both nice, their setup wasn't really inviting. In the case of Hotel St. Ellis, the ambiance of the restaurant matches the elegance of the reception area and our rooms. Plus, walang pagala-galang pusa for breakfast. Harharhar!!! :p

We were the first guests to arrive at 6 AM so we immediately grabbed the couch area.

The breakfast buffet may not be as extensive as those we had at Taal Vista and One Tagaytay Place, but there were definitely more food choices compared with Ellis Ecotel. The breakfast choices were quite ordinary though. Even with my eyes closed, I already knew that there would be tapa on the table. Surprisingly, they also served stir-fried noodles. Unfortunately, both were just so-so.

They also served a fish dish, but I find the smell too fishy. Tuyo lang ang masarap sa almusal, anober?! :|

Thinking that a fish dish is already weird, I was surprised to find another weird breakfast choice.

Who eats okra for breakfast? I even need to bribe my husband just to eat okra. But even if I normally eat okra, I don’t think I’ll do it for breakfast. I was actually thinking whether it is a tradition in Bicol to eat okra in the morning. Malay niyo baka parang taho o pandesal lang natin sa umaga sa Maynila. =)) Pero seryoso! OKRA!!!!! Haha! That's okra, right? It's not that it's granola bars in disguise. :p

I was hoping they would have pancakes, cereals or waffles. But only very few kinds of bread and limited choices of spread were available.

Almost everything was a let-down. Fortunately, there were a couple of things which balanced out our disappointment. First, their omelet was really good! We asked the chef to put everything on our omelet. Aside from the rich flavors, the eggs were perfectly-cooked.

Next are the fruits. Although the selection was a bit limited, the oranges, pineapples and watermelons were really good. The orange slices I had at Hotel St. Ellis were probably the sweetest (in a good way, of course) I've ever had. I even had to come back for more servings.

The brownies were quite good too. I kept on comparing their brownies with the ones baked by Joie. Joie’s version goes beyond miles, but the brownies at Hotel St. Ellis were not that bad.

I fell in love with our hotel room. Sadly though, their breakfast buffet isn't included in my list of favorites.

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