Restaurant Review: Oody’s Bar and Restaurant

Hubby’s stomach was already growling, but it was still too early for our Mr. Jones dinner. I asked him if he could wait a little longer, but he insisted that he needed to have something to eat. We were supposed to just grab something light since it was already 4:30PM when we arrived at Greenbelt. We couldn’t find anything that would suit his taste as he specifically wanted to have something hot. We strolled along the second and third levels of Greenbelt 3, but nothing appealed to his taste. I wasn’t feeling well that time so I made it clear to him that he needed to decide as fast as he could because I already wanted to sit down and have a bowl of hot soup. We went to a Singaporean restaurant to check out their menu, but he walked out after seeing it. I pointed to Oody’s because I know that they serve noodle dishes. I checked the menu board outside and immediately made my way to the restaurant’s entrance. Para wala na siyang magawa. Nagutom na rin ako kakahanap ng kakainan e. Masahol pa sa tagal kong mag-shopping! :p

A few minutes after being ushered to our seats, a waiting staff served us with complimentary appetizers.

DSC_0403 Complimentary Appetizers

Hubby: Ang sarap ng fish crackers nila!
Me: Timang! Mukha bang kropek ‘yan? Wanton kaya ‘yan!
Hubby: Adik! Fish crackers ‘yan!
Me: Tigas ng ulo mo! Ayan, tanungin mo ‘yung waiter.
Hubby: Kuya, anong tawag dito?
Waiter: FRIED WANTON po, Sir!
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gustong-gusto mo talagang napapahiya e! :p

The spicy peanuts were SOOOOOOO good! On the other hand, the fried wantons were very savory. I could feel my lips starting to get numb because of the salt, chili powder and probably  MSG, but I didn’t care!

I gave hubby the liberty to choose the noodle soup. He opted to have the Egg Noodles with Roasted Duck. I was apprehensive with his choice since duck is synonymous to high blood. I was expecting the soup to be overpowering. But surprisingly, it wasn’t. The clear soup was very tasty but not as intense as I thought it would be. The noodles were light, and the duck was perfectly roasted.

DSC_0414Egg Noodles with Roasted Duck PHP208

I was indecisive choosing between the Fried and Fresh Spring Roll. Hubby made it easier for me by choosing the Fried Spring Roll. Still recovering from a disappointing “fried spring roll experience” c/o Banana Leaf, I was expecting this to be better.

DSC_0415Fried Spring Roll PHP178

I have to thank Oody’s for redeeming the degrading reputation of fried spring rolls on my mind. It wasn’t oily. It didn’t sag. And it tasted really good! What sets this apart from the other spring rolls I’ve tasted is the dip. That orange stuff is to die for! I initially thought it was made either from mangoes or oranges because of the slight acidity. I kept on tasting it while my mind was figuring out what it is. In the end, I asked the waiter. Apparently, it was carrot sauce! HAHAHAHA! 

I have been seeing Oody's for ages so I don't know what took us so long to try it. After our first visit, we're definitely coming back! :)

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant 
Level 2 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center
Makati City

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