On Planners and Planning

Everything is just in my head. Whatever I want to do, everything I want to achieve, where I will be 10 years from now… these things are all in my head. I’m not fond of planners. A lot of people have given me planners, but I always end up using it only until February. It’s either I’m too lazy to jot down my thoughts or I don’t feel the necessity for it. But since my mind today is very different from what it used to be 10 years ago, I now tend to forget a lot of things. My priorities have been derailed. Months ago, I attended the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training which prompted me to do something which I should have done years ago – keeping a planner. The training explained why there is a need to plan the week and be able to distinguish the big rocks (priorities) from the small ones (non-essential stuff).

When my brother asked me if I wanted to have a planner for Christmas, I said yes right away. I specifically asked him to give me a BDJ planner because I knew that he was planning to give me the one from Starbucks. Adik siya sa kape, so parang hindi siya gumastos ng gift para sa akin dabah?!

I have nothing against those who collect stickers especially those who really get their usual caffeine fix from Starbucks. But I will never understand those who just buy coffee only to get stickers. Hater na ako kung hater. Hindi kasi makatarungan. Ang laki ng ginastos nyo, e madami namang magagandang planners sa tabi-tabi. :p I got three Starbucks planners before, and all were GIVEN to me. Walang kahirap-hirap. HARHARHAR!!!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I saw something on top of our car dashboard. My husband frequents Starbucks since he needs it for his job. Client meetings and informal one-on-one sessions are mostly done over coffee.

I immediately told my brother that I don’t need a planner anymore. HAHA! Another Starbucks planner na walang kahirap-hirap! :p

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  1. Aray! Ni-delay ko kasi ang diet ko dahil sa stickers. Hahahahaha.. Pero taon-taon ko na yang ginagawa at adik naman tlga ko sa kape all year round. Tska masarap kc ung seasonal drinks nila. (Reasons! Reasons! Reasons!) Hahaha...


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