Restaurant Review: Mr. Jones

Joie and I each bought a 500-peso voucher which we could use to avail 1000-peso worth of food at Mr. Jones. All our initial attempts to redeem the vouchers failed because of our conflicting schedules. We were worried that the vouchers would just be put to waste. But on the last day of redemption, we decided to meet at Greenbelt 5 even if it was a non-working holiday.

It wasn’t specified that reservations are required so we just walked in and confirmed with the wait staff if we could still avail the promo. Fortunately, the restaurant wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be.

Joie and I were both feeling under the weather so we decided to jumpstart our dinner with a bowl of soup. The server said that the soup is already good for 2, but we were able to equally split it into 4 servings.

burger, fries, restaurant Whole Clam and Potato Chowder  PHP275

This cream-based soup was good. I could taste the flavors from the clams, and I liked that I could still bite into the soft chunks of potatoes. The bacon bits also added texture and gave the soup the right amount of saltiness. Served with my favorite crackers, the soup set our expectations quite high.

Hubby and I opted to have their Classic Burger since Jeff and Joie were getting the Superman Burger. The servers emphasized that their burgers are good for sharing. So when the burger was served on our table, I reminded myself that the term “good for sharing” is subjective. Hindi ninyo alam kung gaano ako kalakas kumain! :p I could finish the burger all by myself. But since selfishness has no room in marriage, I decided to share the burger with Boyet.

burger, fries, restaurant
The Jones Classic Char-Grilled 100% U.S. Beef Burger PHP320

The Classic Burger has melted cheese, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. In addition to these four, the Superman Burger has smoked bacon, BBQ sauce and two burger patties. After a couple of bites, I realized that Joie wasn’t happy with their food.

Joie: Je, nasasarapan ka?
Joie: Ang tuyot. Nakakainis!
Je: At ang tabang.

burger, fries, restaurantSuperman Burger PHP PHP495 

I don’t like blood flowing through my burger, but I don’t like it dry either. Some restaurants have managed to keep this balance so I wasn’t sure why Mr. Jones couldn’t do the same. Aside from being dry, the burger was bland too.

Aside from the patty, cheese makes a burger flavorful. Sadly, both burgers didn’t have enough cheese. We literally had to check out in between the buns to see if they forgot to put cheese. But if there was any consolation, the fries were really good!

The Mac ‘n Cheese was served last. After reading the menu which said that it’s baked with 3 types of macaroni, 4 cheeses, smoked bacon, Portobello mushrooms and green peas, I knew it was promising. But then again, it was just so-so.

burger, fries, restaurantWicked Truffled Mac ‘n Cheese PHP395

We were supposed to spend PHP2000 because of the vouchers, so Joie and Boyet decided to get some refreshments. But we were still short of more or less PHP200. We decided to walk away since it wasn’t worth the wait. Aside from the dry and bland burger, their slow service was definitely a turnoff. They served our food with incomplete utensils on the table. We only had two plates and a couple of knives and forks when the food was served. We called the attention of two servers, but both didn’t respond right away. Alam ‘kong burger ‘yun at pwedeng kamayin, pero gusto namin ng plato at the very least. We also asked for the bill thrice! I wasn’t sure if the treatment was because we were only using vouchers, but the customers beside us also had to cancel a milkshake because of the restaurant’s slow service. So I guess they were consistent. :p

I was a bit disappointed because I read numerous positive reviews about Mr. Jones. But then again, taste is subjective. I can forgive the food because it wasn’t that bad. But with their service, I don’t think I’m coming back soon. :|

Mr. Jones
Level 1 Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center
Makati City


  1. Oh-my-gulay! I miss reading your blog, Je! I've been on hiatus lately so I need to do a little catch up!

    Nagutom ako sa mga posts mo! Kakalerkey! Medyo disappointing lang ang reviews pero nakakagutom pa din ang mga photos! It's already 12:32 midnight and now I'm craving for the burgah! Huwaaaa!

  2. I don't like Mr Jones too! Ung Mac and Cheese niya walang lasa. Try Apartment 1b's version. It's the best! The only dish I like from Mr Jones is their beef tapa. But if their service is getting bad hindi narin :D

  3. We ate lunch kahapon at naalala kita! :p overrated at overprice ng food. We ordered Big Smackin' Slow Roasted Southern U.S Beef Ribs. Its like kaldereta nung sinerve samin. And sabi nila masarap ang shake but for me so-so lang ang strawberry shake!


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