Hubby’s New Hobby

Prior to hubby’s 29th birthday on November 21, he kept on telling me that he couldn’t feel that his special day is fast approaching. I took it as a cue and made sure to give him something that would put a smile on his face. Getting a gift for him was extremely difficult because I couldn’t find the time to go to the mall without his prying eyes. So three days before his birthday while we were in Robinsons Manila, I excused myself and told him that I needed to go to the restroom. He was busy playing at Tom's World with Jeff and Joie so I thought that he wouldn’t notice. But after just two minutes, he already started looking for me! He said, “Je, ang unang pagkakamali mo, sinabi mong pupunta ka sa CR. Never kang nagpunta sa CR mag-isa kapag magkasama tayo!”

Even if I insisted that the gift is for my friend’s son, he didn’t buy it. Kanya daw ‘yun. Kafalmuks talaga! :p

I gave him the liberty to decide whether he’d wait for his birthday or not. Given his very low EQ, he opened his gift as soon as we got home.

His face beamed as he was excitedly unwrapping his gift. I had the idea that he’d like this because he started collecting Lego Ferrari from Shell. We usually gas up in Total, but we had to shift because of this. Kung pwede lang inumin ang gasoline, ginawa na nya.

Side story while I was at Toys R Us:

I was holding on to the Lego box for 3-5 years old when a salesman approached and asked me:

Salesman: Para po sa ilang taon?
Me: Ay para sa asawa ko.
Salesman: Ma’am tatamarin siya diyan. Eto na lang po.
Me: Oo nga ‘no?! May point ka kuya.
Salesman: Ma’am libre po dito gift wrap. Ako na po magbabalot.
Me: Ok, sige. Thank you.
Salesman: Ma’am aalisin ko po ba ‘yung tag price? Or iwan ko lang?
Me: Siyempre tanggalin mo!!!

Actually, it would have been a good way to blackmail my husband. Isang lingo rin siguro akong ligtas sa hugas ng pinggan kung nagkataon! :p

Anyway, he didn’t sleep until he finished building 3 out of the 6 designs. Then he finished the remaining 3 the following day. Kalas-buo-kalas-buo lang ang peg niya. Walang sawa!

They actually have a Lego set for 8-14 years old which we saw when we came back to Toys R Us. Ang sama ng tingin dun ng asawa ko. :p

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