Our "Growing Up" AVP

One night as I was scanning my old files, I realized that I have totally forgotten to upload our “growing up” AVP. I played it once again after sitting in my computer for more than a year already.

Since I tried not to be a “bridezilla”, I made sure that I delegate some of the tasks to some of the members of our entourage. Since Jeff and Joie have long mastered the art of creating AVPs for all our friends who left the company, I asked if they could take charge of our AVP. I just gave them all our pictures, and they took the liberty in choosing what to put in the AVP.

After watching our AVP, I realized the following:
1. I was a cute baby. Si Boyet, hindi ako sure. Mukhang hindi masyadong napurga. HARHARHAR!!!
2. I used to wear dresses when I was still a kid. What happened along the way?
3. Sabi ni Joie, “Bata ka pa lang, mahal na ang ngiti mo!” In short, supladita na daw ako dati pa.
4. Over the years, I have perfected my BELAT pose. :p
5. Most of Boyet's photos are shots of him while dancing. >:)
6. I don't want to go back to my "bakal"days. Those were the dark days of my life. Ang shonget ko sa pictures!
7. Boyet and I didn’t travel that much when we were still dating. So the first thing we did after getting married was to travel almost every other month. Heehee!

There are actually advantages of asking your friends to do this for you.
1. You’ll have one task off your plate.
2. Since you won’t be doing it, it will surely be a surprise for you when you get to watch it on your wedding reception.
3. Because you’re asking a friend to do it, you’ll surely feel that distinct “connection” when you watch it. They know you better than any of your suppliers.

The only disadvantage of asking someone else to do it for you is that you won’t have any control over the output. I cringed at the reception each time I see those embarrassing and unflattering photos. :p

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  1. Ang cute naman ni Boyet nung maliit pa sya ah... pero paglaki anyare?!? LOL! Joke lang Boyet ah baka bigla mo kong sabunutan pag nakita mo ko. Hahaha!

    Je, I've got an award for you waiting in my blog! :)


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